Reincarnation (Tales of the dead) Episode 3


The kitchen was totally modernized even the utensils in it. Mrs Nancy Ethen, Kate’s mother, suddenly averted her eyes from her daughter but opened her ears very well to listen to what she had to say about her fiance, Alex.

“He heard a strange bell” Kate began. “According to him, nobody heard it but him. And afterward, a dog led him to a forest where he saw a dead body, a skeleton hanging on a tree” Hearing that, the mother suspended whatever thing she was doing and stared at Kate seriously which showed that it wasn’t a minor issue. Mrs Nancy never mentioned anything for a while thereby getting Kate worried.

“Mum, any problem?”



“All that you said is a sign of reincarnation. I guess the death soul of someone lives in the body of Alex, probably the one he saw on the tree”

“Reincarnation?” Kate became confused. The last time she heard the word was in her high school days when their teacher said something about it. Though she never believed in it. Therefore, she said to her mother,

“Mum, i don’t believe in reincarnation. If someone is dead, he is dead. No two ways about it” Mrs Nancy smiled then resumed her work: cutting of carrot.

“Some people reincarnate. No two ways about it too” she said.

“But why the reincarnation after death?” Kate queried.

“For the purpose to achieve what they couldn’t achieve when they were alive. This often take place on people who die premature death or killed by someone” the mother concluded while Kate remained mute but suddenly left the kitchen.


Back to Remedy Bank of Africa, Alex covered his ears to enabled him get rid of the sound of the bell but it didn’t help. He sat in the chair with his face downward until a hand touched his shoulder. Immediately, the bell stopped ringing and he looked up to see who touched him. It was Glory.

“The manager wants to see us”


“I said the manager wants to see us!” Glory shrieked.

“Alright” Alex followed her to the manager’s office. On their way, he kept observing things and people who seemed as if he had seen them before in the past acting in a familiar way. He kept ignoring them until he found himself standing before the manager who rubbed the butt of a pen on a paper staring at the two staffs.

“You’ve started being careless, Alex. You’ve damaged a document that i suppose to submit to another branch. What has come over you?”

“I don’t know sir. I mean, I’m sorry sir”

“Can your apology revert the document?”

“No, sir” All became quiet. Glory kept glancing at Alex and looking at the manager with a pleading eyes because he knew he could fire both of them instantly without thinking twice. Yes, that was the kind of person Iyk, the manager, is. He doesn’t tolerate nonsense.

“Sir, please..” Glory wanted to say but Iyk rebuked her.

“Shut up! This shouldn’t have happened if you were also careful! Now what a hell do you wonna apologize for?” Silence creep in again.

Alex didn’t want to lose his job neither did Glory wanted to. So both waited for the last judgement from the manager.

“Get out of here both of you” Iyk ordered.

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“Thank you sir” both said at the same time and left the office.

Throughout the working period, Alex kept making unnecessary mistakes. He was happy that the work finally came to an end, so he stepped out of the bank and took the next available cab. After he entered, his cell phone rang.

“Hi” Kate said on the phone. “Can you please come over to the house?” she requested.

“Which of the houses?” Alex queried.

“My house”


“My mum said something”

“About what?”

“Please, come” Kate hung up the call while the cab-driver nearly hit a child thereby matching the break forcefully but released it again.

“Idiot!” he cursed the child. That incident also seemed to Alex as if it had happened somewhere in the past too.


At the residence of Mrs Nancy, Alex helplessly sat on one of the cushions with Kate sitting beside him too. His only father died after his youth service programme. He never relented but made sure he achieve his goal-working in a bank. Opposite the two spouse was Mrs Nancy sitting on a different cushion.

“Kate told me what happened to you in the morning. It’s normal but yours isn’t ordinary. It’s called reincarnation. Trust me, you are living the life of someone who died in the past”

“Wait wait wait” Alex began angrily. “I don’t get it. I do believe in reincarnation but why is mine different? Why is it not ordinary?”

“It’s because of the sound of the bell you hear” Mrs Nancy replied.

“What does the bell signify?”

“I have no idea” The sitting room remained calmed and quiet. Kate could feel Alex burning in anger. Therefore she tried to change the topic.

“Baby, how was work..”

“It was hectic!” Alex stood up. “I nearly got fired. I keep observing and doing things which are not suppose to be done!” Hearing that, Mrs Nancy opened her eyes widely..

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