Reincarnation (Tales of the dead) Episode 12


People gathered around to witness the victim of the accident. Nobody made a move coz all believed that Alex was dead as his bleeding body rested in Kate’s arms. He had a broken head, bruises and a fracture. Blood stains could be seen on Kate’s white jean trouser but she didn’t mind as she cried her eyes out.

“Please, Alex, don’t leave me. Don’t go to where i cannot go my love..” she began to touch his face hoping he wakes up. Suddenly, Alex gradually opened his eyes.

“Kate?” he called

“Alex..” Kate became happy to see him awake.

“I’m glad to be in your arms. I knew you would not forsake me. Now i can die happily. I.. i.. lo.. love you so much my love” Alex concluded smiling and closing his eyes gradually then took his last breath.

“I love you too” Kate replied without knowing that he had already given off the ghost.

“Alex? Alex..” she shook his body vehemently without him showing a sign of organism. Only then did she realize that he was dead, so she screamed in a loud voice,


Jimmy carried Alex’s lifeless body from Kate and put him inside the car with the help of Mr Ethen. They drove to the hospital and finally to the mortuary after the doctor confirmed him dead. : Jimmy became more close to Kate consoling and encouraging her at any moment she became sad. However, the same day after Alex died, spiritual investigation commenced to know why Frank killed Dave. Therefore all began a journey to Hezas, Dave’s hometown.

Mr Ethen was the driver, while his wife sat beside him. Jimmy and Kate silently observed from the back seat of the car. They had all cried to their satisfaction but were still willing to cry especially Kate and her mother.

“Alex died a mysterious death. I think it’s not just about reincarnation but a curse” Mr Ethen broke the silence. “I never knew who Frank was neither did any of you know him. Then why did he kill Dave? We must get to the root of this” he added but nobody said anything rather thought about what he said.

“I hope Alex has an uncle” he demanded.

“Yes” Kate replied.

“We need to inform him too” Mr Enthen concluded. :

Hezas was a developing village with old men and women, children and youth, the poor and the rich. It also had traditional worshippers. Mrs Nancy was able to locate the house of Dave’s parents but found only Clinton, the father, coz the mother died years ago due to she couldn’t bear the pains of losing her only son. They believed that Dave was missing but regarded him dead after twenty five years of not seeing him.

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Clinton was a man in his late seventies physically and mentally strong without using a walking-stick. He looked at his visitors critically but couldn’t recognize any of them. So he pointed at Mrs Nancy saying,

“Your face looks familiar. Aren’t you the woman my son wanted to marry?”

“I am, sir” Mrs Nancy forcefully smiled. She introduced herself and others.

“So for what do i owe this visit? If you’ve come to check whether Dave has been found, negative”

“Uhhm.. No sir, we actually came to tell you that he has been found”

“You must be joking” Clinton opened his small eyes widely.

“It’s not a joke but we only found his dead body” Mr Ethen interfered.

“Chei!” Clinton shouted bitterly. “Please, take me to my son” he pleaded. : Clinton and two of his relatives were taken to Labon and Dave’s skelecton was shown to them. They didn’t believe that the skeleton was of Dave until Alex’s story was told to them. Therefore, they all vowed to get to the root of knowing why Frank killed Dave.

Alex’s uncle, uncle James was also informed, so all went to Hezas to seek for the unknown. A chief priest sat at the centre of these men and women; Jimmy sat with Kate, Mr Ethen with his wife, Clinton with his relatives, and James seated alone.

Already, Alex’s story had been retold. Before the priest were burning fire that originated from a calabash without getting it burnt and Dave’s skeleton beside it. After some incantations, the chief priest said looking at them all,

“What you seek is dangerous and can cost your lives”

“You are getting us confused, the wise one” Clinton said. “We only want to know why and how Dave, my son, died. Nothing else” he added. The chief priest laughed in a loud voice but suddenly frowned his face looking scary and serious.

“I know what I’m saying, old man! You all think everything has ended since Alex is dead but i assure you it’s just the beginning. What killed him will keep killing his generations until Dave’s dream is fulfilled” the priest pointed at Kate and continued,

“Young girl, you are carrying Alex’s unborn son. He will suffer what his father suffered and what killed his father will also kill him at the age of twenty-five unless he fulfills Dave’s dream” Hearing that, Mr Ethen glared at Kate likewise other people except Jimmy. Even Kate herself didn’t know that she was pregnant..

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