Reincarnation (Tales of the dead) Episode 11


Alex looked at Jimmy silently holding the doorknob in his hand. Of course they understood what just happened especially Alex who said,

“It’s happening again”

“Calm down. Let me have the key” Jimmy took the key from him. As he struggled to open the door, so as Alex rubbed his hands on his head walking to and fro like a confused, frustrated and devastated human being. Just then did Jimmy began to feel his pains, so he glanced at him shaking his head piteously. The door opened.

“It’s open” Jimmy told Alex.

“Thanks” he rushed inside. Inside the house, Jimmy sat on the bed while Alex stood beside the television set with his hot drink again. He drank a large quantity of it from the bottle and remembered how Kate would always take it from him condemning the idea of drinking while having a problem. As he remembered that, tears fell from his eyes.

“Jimmy” he called.

“Yes, bro” Jimmy replied.

“I’m running out of time. Please, Kate is my body and soul now. I’ll like you to take good care of her for me and my unborn child” Alex paused and drank more of the wine.

“Is Kate pregnant?” Jimmy queried.

“I don’t know but i believe she will be” Alex tried to move away from the television set but suddenly staggered back thereby pushing the television and other electronics down on the floor.

“Alex!” Jimmy rushed him. “Take it easy, bro and stop drinking this!” he took the bottle of wine from him and also stepped away.

“I was only ten years old when my father died. I barely knew him and his deeds but now I’m suffering for his sins” Alex tears increased, even Jimmy could feel it.

“My mother who suffered to put me through in school died before i graduated and now I’m gonna join her for the sin of a father. God receive my soul anytime i leave this earth” he concluded and looked at Jimmy to see him shedding tears.

“Bro, though i don’t know much about bible but i believe in God. Let’s go to a man of God” Jimmy suggested, cleaned his tears and led the way…


Back to the residence of Ethen, Kate sat in the sitting room but wasn’t shedding tears anymore folding her two legs on a cushion as if she was experiencing cold. She wore a white jean trouser and a top which had an ash colour. TIMEShe could hear her parents talking from the bedroom.

“Please, honey, let me go look for Dave’s relatives in Hezas” Mrs Nancy pleaded to her husband who pitied her and walked closer to her.

“I’ll follow you” he said.

“Really? Thank you so much”

“But i need to ask you some questions” Mr Ethen sat on the edge of the bed with her wife. “Did you in any way come in contact with Alex’s father who killed Dave Clinton?”

“No, I’ve never seen him” the wife replied.

“Then why did he kill Dave when he didn’t even know you?”

“I don’t know” both became silent. Few minutes later, they dressed up to leave but Kate insisted to follow them too.

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Jimmy entered into the car waiting for Alex. He watched him from the car coming out of the apartment and buttoning his shirt. He drew closer to open the front door of the car but it refused to open.

“Oh, not again” he murmured using force to open it again but it broke off. “S–t!” he exclaimed. Then Jimmy opened the door easily from inside and Alex entered angrily.

“Mhen, my life is now a mess! Anything i lay my hands on, go crashing down!”

“It shall be well, bro” Jimmy wanted to start the car but it refused to kick off. He looked at Alex and tried again and again but the car remained mute.

“The devil is a liar. We must get to where we’re going” Jimmy came out with Alex and they began to trek. On their way treking, people were passing from different angles likewise cars. Alex keep seeing many of them behaving in a strange manner as if they were all conspiring against him. He stopped and stared at them all.

“Alex, what’s it?” Jimmy asked.

“They are talking about me” he replied.


“All these people” Jimmy looked around to see the people having their normal activities then became surprise on what was happening to his friend.

“Alex, they aren’t conspiring against you”

“I can see them!” Alex shouted.

Suddenly, he saw Dave still in a bank attire standing in the crowd and moving his mouth in a way of saying: YOUR TIME IS UP..

“I can see Dave, he’s looking at me!” Alex shouted and began to hear the sound of the bell louder and more intense which made him to run away but unfortunately, he ran into a moving vehicle that knocked him down immediately. Blood splashed!

“Alex!” Jimmy ran to him as people gathered around. Mr Ethen, his wife and Kate who were driving-by witness it too.

“Jesus! It is Alex! Daddy, stop the car!” Kate shouted. She ran out after the father pulled over and rushed Alex by the roadside.

“Alex, wake up, it’s me Kate. Please, wake up!” she began to cry sitting down and carrying his bleeding body on her thighs…

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