Reincarnation (Tales of the dead) Episode 13


Only Jimmy wasn’t surprise at the chief priest’s statement coz before Alex died, he gave him a clue on what has become a reality. Though Mr & Mrs Ethen weren’t glaring at Kate because she had been declared pregnant but because of what their unborn grandson will suffer.

James bent his head downward shaking it gently and feeling the seriousness of the whole issue. He was a quiet, gentle and religious man with three children.

Old Clinton and his brothers remained speechless coz they were yet to know the gravity of sin that could be transferred from generation to generation.

Nevertheless, Kate looked at her father and said with tears in her eyes,

“Daddy, I’m not pregnant”

“Taaaaaahh!” the chief priest rebuked her with a loud voice and open eyes. “How dare you doubt the words of the gods! You conceived few days ago, only that you’ve not started seeing the signs of early pregnancy. And believe you me; your unborn son must suffer and die at the age of twenty-five if only he doesn’t fulfill Dave’s dreams” Mrs Nancy stood up in tears and in sorrow wearing a traditional attire which had the same colour and design with her husband’s.

“I’ll rather take my life than to watch my grandson suffer and die like his father!” she said. Hearing that, the priest laughed in a loud voice once again and frowned his face glaring at her.

“Woman, any day you take your own life is the day the curse dwelleth forever in your family through your daughter and you and your husband will never have a generation to be remembered. And believe you me; you aren’t dying now neither will you die in the next twenty five years”

“Abomination!” old Clinton exclaimed, while Mrs Nancy surprisingly went back to her seat. Just then, James spoke up.

“I’m a Christian and i believe there is nothing God cannot do. We should table this matter to..”

“Taaahh, shut up!” the priest interrupted him. “Even chi-okike, God the creator, is not happy with what Alex’s father did to Dave Clinton” he added.

“Wait..” Jimmy began looking at the chief priest through his transparent eyeglasses. “I heard you mention something like ‘curse’”

“Yes, it’s a curse laid by Dave before he died” the priest looked up sideways in the sky as if to remember what happened. “It all started many years ago..” he began. :

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Poverty can make people do the unbelievable. It can harden the heart of men to do the unforgettable and unforgivable. Frank wallowed in the state of poverty and began to think critically in his local house. As he thought, his pregnant wife, Elizabeth, came out.

“Frank, what again? Why are u always in this mood? I have told you to stop bothering yourself about money. I’m okay with the little you have and what matters is our happiness”

“You won’t understand, Eliza” Frank replied while the wife sat besides him robbing her big stomach.

“Listen, Alex will make us happy, he will change our situation”

“Who is Alex” Frank looked at his wife who smiled.

“Alex is the one in my womb” she replied.

“Oh, you’ve given him a name already” Frank smiled too..

Days turned to weeks and Alex decided to do ritual coz the delivering date of his wife had drew near and he had no money to take care of her and the baby. So he joined a strong ritual society. He was on black standing before the leader of the society who had a horn on his head with beards all over his jaw. He was called the great Iju.

“How big do you expect your money to be, Frank?” Iju asked.

“As big as a bank cannot contain” Frank replied then Iju laughed.

“So be it. You must bring A LIVING heart and kidney of a banker..

Dave was a handsome loving banker who just came out from the bank without noticing that Frank was monitoring him. As he walked alone the road, a female child who was with a rose flower plant saw him and gave him the flower.

“Thank u” Dave smiled as he collected it regarding it as children normal character.

“I gonna surprise Nancy with this” he smelt the flower.

Unfortunately along the road where there were no people, Frank drugged him carrying him into the heart of the forest, and the flower fell along the way. He tied his legs and hands when he reached-by then, Dave had woken up to see himself tied. He also saw Frank brought out a knife and began to unbutton his shirt.

“Who are you? Please don’t kill me” he pleaded. He watched Frank cut him open while still alive to take his kidney and heart. He began to vomit blood as he murmured the curse coz he couldn’t speak again.. :


The chief priest shook his head and said,

“These were Dave Clinton’s words as Frank was sluttering him like an animal,

“Since you’ve denied me of achieving the dream of marrying my fiancee, your child must marry her otherwise he’ll die, likewise any seed that cometh from him. And for my fiancee, Nancy, i give you long life”” Everybody became astonished after the priest concluded..

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