Jail Bird Season 2 On Hold


Hello Readers, greetings from PobsOnline HQ, hope you’re all good and enjoyed our weekend story?

Jail Bird 2 Bawa’s Law has been put on hold because it’s “EXCLUSIVE” to the writer website only, we regret any inconvenience this must have cause and apologize for it


POBSONLINE.COM does not claim or take credit for any stories/articles which does not belong to us, and we do not post stories without permission from the respective writers, that’s how we operate and will continue to be, our mean object is to change and touch the world with these great stories and we’re glad you’re onboard with us

We’ve been able to reach about 2million views in less than a year and has been rates as one of the best stories website in Africa, we hope to do more in the coming years with your support


As you’ll know our android app was launched few 4months ago and already has over one thousand downloads, yes we experience some challenges but as time goes on we’ll improve, our next achievement concerning the app is to incorporate speech to text in it, so you can just press on play, put your phone in your pocket for babypobs to read it to you whilst you’re busy doing something else

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Like i said we’ve more install for you, it will take time and money but hopefully by God grace upon us we’ll reach there

I would like to say thank you once again and continue to pray for us

Watchout for our mind blowing story tomorrow



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