Reincarnation (Tales of the dead) Final Episode 14


Old Clinton shed tears after hearing how his son was whatever pleases you with your son’s skeleton. I’m gone” he walked out. ** Mrslaughtered. Nobody among them was able to bear the gravity of the act; cutting someone open while still alive. That was inhumane! Being an archaeologist, Jimmy thought critically about the priest’s story. He stood up moving closer to Dave’s skeleton which lied before the burning calabash. He observed to know if the body was cut open as described by the priest. He looked through the ribs to the thorax and finally to the pelvis.

“Oh mine!” he said silently then looked at the priest. “It’s true the body was cut open but why did we see it hanging on a tree?” The question interested others except Clinton who battled with a shattered heart.

“Frank hung his body to look like a suicide” the priest replied.

“But i never knew Alex as someone who came from a rich family if truly the father did what he did for money” Jimmy’s inquisition lingered.

“Frank was never rich coz he didn’t succumb to another assignment given to him by his secret socialty, so he paid with his life”

“What assignment?” The chief priest looked up in the sky again and brought down his head nodding it sadly.

“He was told to sacrifice his son, Alex, who was born on the same day he killed Dave” he replied.

“What’s the way forward now?” Mr Ethen asked.

“That, i don’t have an answer for” the priest began. “Remember i said any effort make to break the curse might course your lives. The only thing you must do now is to bury Alex immediately. His body must not see tomorrow on the face of the earth otherwise the issue will be complicated”

“What?” Jimmy glanced at his wrist watch.

“That i will not concur with” James opposed. “My nephew must be given a befitting burial not like some kind of animal!” he stood up angrily.

“What about his father who butchered my son like an animal too!” old Clinton retorted standing up also.

“You said his father not him. Hasn’t the innocent boy suffered enough? Why must you people still want to torture him even at death? He must be given a befitting burial! I said so!” James hurried out.

The chief priest stood up simultaneously doing incantation. He carried his calabash that had a burning fire and his staff leaving only the skeleton.

“Let he who has ears hear. Clinton, do whatever pleases you with your son’s skeleton. I’m gone” he walked out.


Mr and Mrs Ethen went back to Labon with their daughter, Kate. While Jimmy found his way back to Unna. They had tried to convince James to bury Alex same day but he refused without minding the consequences it would bring. He became incharge of Alex’s mortuary bills and his burial totally.

Nevertheless, Jimmy opened his apartment looking tired. His house was just the way he left it; quiet and lonely. He began to take off his shirt going to the bathroom in exhaustion. He allowed the shower splash water from his head down to his toes.

“What have i gotten myself into?” he began to think. “I tried to help a friend but he gave me a big responsibility. I promised Alex i will marry Kate and take care of his child. How will i even approach her for marriage? Wait oh.. won’t the curse get to me if i marry her coz I’ll defiantly have my own children? God!” he came back to his senses and realized he was taking a shower.



Everything seemed like it has ended. Old Clinton had buried Dave’s skeleton traditionally. While Alex was about to be buried too. Jimmy and Ethen’s family didn’t miss it.

The corpse had already been taken to Asara, James hometown. They had encountered several difficulties carrying it from Labon. Now the casket was beside a grave waiting to be laid in peace but reverse was the case.

Kate, Jimmy, James and his children stood close to the white casket which was few inch away from the grave. After a Christian priest concluded his prayers, he ordered the casket to be laid in the grave then a thunderous cry commenced. Four hefty men circulated the casket but couldn’t carry it up again.

“What’s the problem?” the priest asked.

“This boy no won enter this grave oh” one of the men replied..


Alex’s burial ended dramatically. The casket had to be opened for Kate to speak to the corpse in tears before it agreed to be buried. That was strange! :

At the resident of Mr Ethen, Kate just returned from the hospital with a positive pregnancy report. She sat alone in her room looking at it and crying bitterly. Just then, the door cracked open and she looked at the direction to see Alex standing there.

“Alex?” she stood up.

“Why do you cry my love?” Alex asked.

“The pain is too much. How can i raise this child without u and also watch him die for what he doesn’t know? It’s too painful. I can’t bear it alone my love”

“Be strong, I’m always with you” Alex concluded and disappeared. Only then did Kate realize she was speaking with a ghost. :

The end

By Bright Daniel