Red Apple – Episode Nine (9) – “Dreams and Reality”


“Mary” I called out. She turned her head sharply to my direction. I freaked out as I couldn’t see her pupils. It was all white.


Now I was totally freaked out now, I didn’t know what to do. At this time, my whole body was so cold that I could barely feel my own skin. Just then I fell down on the floor. I didn’t know what happened again. I was lying helplessly on the floor now.


All I knew was that I woke up the following morning at about 8:00am in the comfort of my bed. I just didn’t know what happened but I was so sure of what I saw and kept thinking of it. Then suddenly, whiles on my bed trying to figure out what really happened to me, I heard voices coming from the sitting room.


I tried getting up but my head began to ache severely. It was so painful that I had to move slowly to get myself out of bed. Getting up, I looked myself in the mirror, my lips were looking heavy, I noticed there were some tiny sores on it. I must be sick then, I just hoped this had nothing to do with what I saw that dawn, which i intended finding out.


I slowly walked out of the bedroom to the living room were the voices were coming from. There I saw my wife, my daughter and Mary happily engaged in a conversation. As if nothing had happened, Mary greeted me as she would usually do and my daughter came running to me.


I couldn’t even respond when Mary greeted, I was so scared, thinking about what I went through that dawn. “Hey Honey, you had a good sleep?Mary and I were just catching up on our school time memories. It is so amazing how time flies you know.” My wife said.


At this point, I was just shivering to the point that I couldn’t hide it. “Dear, is something wrong with you, you look sick” My wife asked. I completely ignored her and gathered courage to confront Mary.


“What are you?” I asked her.


“Excuse me?” Mary asked as if she didn’t know what I was talking about. My wife who was by then surprised about my question jumped in.


“Is something wrong Selorm” She asked. I didn’t even notice my wife neither did I give ears to what she was saying, all I was interested in was to get to the bottom of this matter. (For more stories Download “Tales of Elton” App on Google Play or visit.



“What were you doing at my daughter’s door this dawn, tell me” I asked her.


“Me? Your daughter’s door” Mary asked.


“Yes, you know what I’m talking about, don’t pretend” I kept asking her. Then suddenly my wife again came to her rescue.


“Selorm, Mary wasn’t here last night, she spent the night out, she just arrived about an hour ago. What are you talking about” My wife said.


“Yeah, I couldn’t tell you because it was an emergency, I wasn’t here, I only came in this morning” Mary said. What was wrong with me? Was I going crazy or what? I couldn’t believe my ears. I can bet my life that I saw her and that led to my passing out.


Was it a dream or something? I couldn’t believe it.  “Honey, come on, I can see you are not well, follow me to the kitchen, let me prepare you some tea then get you some drugs” My wife said, then she stood up and came towards me, held me by the hand and went with me to the kitchen.


I was still contemplating on what had happened. If indeed it was a dream, how could it have looked so real that I could practically feel everything that happened. I really just don’t get it.


“Honey there is something I need to tell you” My wife said when we gotto the kitchen. I was still lost in my thoughts that I didn’t even hear what she was saying. It got to the point where she had to tap me to get my attention.


“Sorry, I have a lot on my mind now.” I said.


“hmm, I will be away for some few days.” She said. I was surprised, I wasn’t expecting that.


“Where to? I quickly asked.


“My mum just called me from the village, apparently she is sick. Its so urgent that I have to go this afternoon. Mary will take care of the house in my absence” She said.


Well what more could I say, it was her mother’s health we were talking about. I just had to let it go.


We began preparing and packing her stuff as she got ready to go. I was feeling weak so she did the most of the packing by herself. Now it was about time for her to set off so I slowly walked her to the door with Emefamy daughter. Before I could say goodbye to her. Her purse began vibrating and eventually fell from her hand. She was so much in a hurry to pick it up.


Eventually the phone fell from the purse whiles she was trying to pick it up and guess what, that was the same phone she claimed belonged to “Aunty Mercy” or whatever the name was.



To be continued.