Red Apple – Ten (10) – “Behind the Door” Final


Eventually the phone fell from the purse whiles she was trying to pick it up and guess what? that was the same phone she claimed belonged to “Aunty Mercy” or whatever the name was.

“What is someone’s phone doing in your bag?” I desperately asked. She pretended she didn’t hear me and quickly rushed out of the house.
I called her back only for her to tell me that she was running out of time. That was when I began to doubt my wife. It was obvious that she was lying to me. It was just a simple question which needed no time in answering. But the truth shall always remain one no matter the time you tell it, it shall always remain the truth.

Now, I had every reason to believe that she was cheating on me. What could possibly be her reason for doing that? There had never been any circumstance that I had treated her badly. She hardly complained and besides even if I had done something wrong, it didn’t justify her cheating on me.

In as much as I was so concerned about this, I wasn’t really hurt but was just wondering what could be her reason. But then again, ever since we got married, she hadn’t done anything suspicious for me to even doubt her. Everything began to change when Mary, her friend, came in.

She began feeling uneasy almost all the time, she mostly fumbled whenever she talked to me in Mary’s presence. It was like the survival of our marriage now depended on Mary.

Now, about Mary, she seemed to know a lot about my marriage than I even did. Now that my wife was away, this was the perfect time for me to get to know her, get to know what she knew so I could take it from there. Trust me, I was still scared of her, but I had to keep my composure. I had to engage her in a deep conversation. That was the only way out, the only way I could get to the bottom of the problem.

I went to my room just to have some time for myself, in other words to think. I laid in my bed, trying to remember everything, the “trance”or “dream” or ” reality”, I just didn’t know. I looked for all the signs but I couldn’t get. Before I knew it, night had already fallen and I was in a deep sleep.

I was woken up by a knock on my door. I then quickly rushed towards the door and opened it, only to find Mary standing there. She was sobbing and from what It seemed, she had been crying for long.

“Hey what is it, are you okay? ” I asked her.

“Selorm, I need to talk to you” She said. We then moved to the sitting room where it was convenient for us to talk. I checked the time and it was already 10:00pm, then I also noticed that she had packed some of her belongings.

“Where are you going to, with all these bags?” I asked. Then she began speaking, making statements that I couldn’t read meanings into. But she expected me to understand.

“I can’t do this anymore, it’s no more my fight but yours.” She said amidst tears.
“What do you mean, Mary, you really need to open up to me and tell me what is going on. What isn’t your fight? I asked her.

She gave me that “really” look making me feel very dumb that I didn’t realise that it was obvious.

“Red apples” She said. “You remember her favorite food, it was through it that she died” She said.

Just when she said that, I knew she was talking about Emefa. Emefa, would do anything to get an apple each day. She normally prefered the red ones and anytime I went to visit her, I would get some for her. That was the only way to get her attention when she wa worried. (For more stories Download “Tales of Elton” App on Google Play or visit.

However, for her to have died for eating red apples, that was something new to me. All what I knew was that she got sick and eventually died, it was food poisoning.I didn’t see that coming.

“Emefa died of sickness, why won’t you let her rest in peace” I said. At this time, her attitude was beginning to irritate me.

“You are talking about peace, Selorm, she will only rest when you find things out yourself. Why don’t you check up on your friend Eugene.” She said.

Having said that, she then took out a diary from her bag and handed it over to me. I saw that diary in Emefa’s room every time I went there, I wondered how she got hold of it.

“I suppose you know who this belongs to, all the answers you seek are in here” She said and then took her bags and headed towards the door.

“It has to end now and that’s what I’m going to do” She said and left. I was just speechless as I held the diary in my hand.
Then I came back to my senses, I couldn’t allow her to leave like that, it was late. I quickly rushed outside to catch up with her but another strange thing happened , she was nowhere to be found. There was no sign of her, neither did it seem like the main entrance had been opened. It was locked.

Then I went back in, grabbed my car keys and drove off to Eugene’s place. I thought he was in danger or something. I was drivng at top speed and in no time I got there.

To my surprise, Mary had already gotten to Eugene’s end and was standing at his main entrance. I freaked out when I saw her at the entrance.

“What took you so long Selorm” She said.

“How …How…” Before I could ask her any question, she just shushed me.

She then opened the door for me, and told me to open the door leading to Eugene’s sitting room. At this point in time, though I had so many things to ask her, I found myself following her orders.

I then opened the door as she said, that was the last time I saw Mary, I didn’t see her again, I didn’t see where she passed. As I opened the door and entered, there was my wife comfortably lying on Eugene’s lap, while they both watched television together. Eugene was just in his boxer shorts and my wife, just in her brazzier and underwear.



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