Red Apple – Episode Eight (8) – “Fetal Lies”


I parked the car and took along the phone with me. Before I got to closer to the door leading to the sitting room. I heard Mary yelling at my wife on top of her voice. “Tell him the truth about your child, or I will” She said.


I wondered what was with my child that I didn’t know of, what could Mary possibly know about my little Emefa that I, the father had no ideaabout. I really needed to find out what was going on. I then rushed into the house and that was where i saw my wife soberly seated down while Mary stood in front of her yelling at her on top of her voice.


“What is going on here? I asked. “Mary what is it?” I kept asking yet none of them was ready to give me an answer.  Mary on the other hand gave me a wild look that scared me. I could tell she was so filled with rage and hatred.


“Ask your so called wife” Mary fumed. and just then she walked out and went into the guest room which was now probably her room. Now it was just me and my wife. She had a lot of explaining to do with what had just happened not forgetting the phone I had seen in my car which I was currently holding in my hand.


“Now will you tell me what’s going on here” I desperately asked. She looked at me as if I was not supposed to ask that question in the first place.


Then the least I expected happened. She stood up and walked towards me, she was really standing close and facing me. The last time I remember she stood directly close to me was when we were about to exchange our vows which was followed by a kiss right away.


However, right at this moment, she dared not think of doing what I was thinking; I was soo not in the mood for that. But i suspected she was in for another thing.


“I need Mary out of this house right this moment” She ordered. Trust me I wasn’t really expecting that. It would be so cool if Mary was out of the house but not until my wife answered my questions. (For more stories Download “Tales of Elton” App on Google Play or visit.



“You brought her here, so you definitely don’t need my permission to pack her out, besides that’s not what I asked, what truth do you need to tell me about my child” I asked again, this time around being more specific. I was not ready for any other answer, so she had better get on with it.


“Tell me” I shouted at her.


“Hey don’t yell at me” She said. That was so surprising, my wife had never spoken to me in that manner before. Nevertheless, that didn’t deter me from getting my answer.


“Look, I don’t know why you are making an issue out of this, this is aconversation between Mary and I” She continued.


“Oh yeah! a conversation that involves my child? woman!”  I angrily said. Now she was really getting me upset about this whole thing.


“Hey take it easy, Emefa has just been a little sick and has been skipping school for some time now. I just didn’t want to bother you with it because I didn’t want to worry you. But she is improving now and doing well at school. Mary just wanted me to tell you this, that’s all.” She answered.


But why would she keep that from me? I thought my wife could be so selfish at times. Then again I switched on to my next worry.


“Saw this phone in the car, who does it belong to” I asked. As if she knewI was going to ask her that, it seemed she had already prepared an answer for me.


“You found it… Aunty Mercy has been calling me for it, you know the lady who sells at the shop across the road, I gave her a ride to the market this morning and she left it.” She answered.


That sounded convincing. There was nothing more I could ask. I guess my wife was truthful after all. But I still didn’t get why she all of a sudden wanted Mary out. It wasn’t really my concern though because that was her friend, she should be able to deal with her.


That afternoon, I found Mary walking around alone on the compound.That was where I decided to engage her again. Then she started making vague statements.


“You really believe in the things your wife tells you. It’s just a matter of time Selorm” She said.


“What do you mean by that” I asked.


“Don’t worry, but if I were you, I will try finding out why Emefa didn’t show up at your wedding.” She said and left me there while she went to her room even though I tried to hold her back.


Just when I thought everything was quiet calm, my wife started pushing me to make Mary leave. She was so keen on this that she even woke me up after 12 am just to confront me on this. Out of anger I got out of the bedroom and to what seemed like both a trance and reality. I saw Mary in her white silk night gown rigidly standing right in front of my daughter’s bedroom door. She stood as if she could see through it.


Then again, I began smelling Emafa’s perfume. I was so shocked that I shouted her name out.


“Mary” I called out. She turned her head sharply to my direction. I freaked out as I couldn’t see her pupils. It was all white.



To be continued.