Predictions in the 2016 Ghana's Elections 


At long last, Ghana is going to the polls once again. This is has been a normal process amidst all factors since Ghana entered into constitutional rule in 1992. It is my believe this time round that this process of elections will sojourn peacefully without any huge qualms whatsoever. Losers in this polls will certainly accept it, winners will celebrate and Ghana will move on as a country. 

Now my predictions, but even before that it should be put on record that this prediction is not scientific and imperial it is only opinionistic. 

I have followed keenly this year’s elections activities and campaigns of the various political parties, and these I believe may be the turn out of tomorrow’s elections. 
There has been a lot who are calling for change, both adults and children, same have it of the other view that the current Government have done well so they should be allowed to move on. 

Now, there is a fact that most people have ruled out and that will be the surprise of the day, “the PPP factor.” Adversary, PPP will spilt the votes of the NDC and the NPP in the following regions: the Central, Western, and the Volta Regions of Ghana. 

It is thou clear that the NPP will lead in the following regions but with a small margin: the Western Region, Brong-Ahafo, and the Greater Accra Region. They will therefore have a significant and a massive lead in the Eastern and the Ashanti Region. 

The NDC will also lead slightly in the Central Region, and the Northern Region. They will also lead massively in the Volta, Upper East and the Upper West Regions. 

But obviously, with the PPP factor and effect on the Central, Western, and the Volta Region, I am afraid we might be going for a possible Run-off in this year’s elections. 
So for me, we should be prepared as a country to go for a possible Run-off come 28th of December, 2016.

But before I conclude, I would to wish state that I love my fufu with my abuabunu, my yam and plantain with kontomire, waakye with Kahuro, and so if you wish or have been paid to perpetuate violence, do think once again because you won’t survive. I believe in the security of Ghana and I know they will clamp you down, so do not allow yourself to be used as an agent of violence. 

In conclusion, voting is a chance to express your view on the numerous issues that has been put forward by our political parties. Express your view peacefully, ensure it stands and represent you, let’s leave the rest to God to decide. We have a long way to go as a country, let’s move on now, during and after the elections and we shall be proud of ourselves. 

Ghana is all we have.