Love And Revenge Episode 21


Lex frowned on seeing Tommy Anderson, same Tommy Anderson who murdered his family. He hadn’t changed one bit, still the fair muscular man he saw 20 yrs ago when he murdered his family.
He didn’t know why he felt like he saw something close to recognition in his eyes. He decided to just smile.
He stood up with a broad smile plastered on his face ‘good day sir’
The old man’s lips tightened in a smile ‘well done, young man, you are?’
‘i’m Ciara’s new manager’
‘i mean your name’
‘uhm, i’m…….’
‘dad!’ Ciara called in excitement as she dropped his phone ‘dad, come over and give me a hug’
Tommy Anderson smiled and went over to his daughter ‘my love, you scared me. I thought you were never going to wake up, don’t try that next time please’
Ciara smiled ‘daddy, have you any idea who stabbed me?’
Tommy Anderson looked at Lex, then to his daughter ‘i should be asking you that question’
‘well, they said i have a temporary amnesia, so i might not be able to remember what happened that very day’
‘temporary amnesia? How come?’ Tommy Anderson asked his face tightening in anger.
‘excuse me’ Lex said and left the room.
Tommy Anderson looked at his daughter ‘who’s that young man that left here just now?’
‘oh! He’s my manager’
‘what’s his name?’
Ciara smiled ‘i won’t tell you!’ she stuck out her tongue in a playful manner.
‘be serious my friend!’
‘what do you want his name for? Hope you are not planning to sack him because i know what you can do daddy’ she playfully pinched his cheek ‘what of Anita?’
Tommy Anderson closed his eyes ‘your sister?’
Ciara laughed ‘who else is Anita for crying out loud? Of course my sister’
‘your sister was involved in a ghastly motor accident last week’
Ann opened her eyes slowly as her mind registered the environment she was in.
The first thing she saw were the blue curtains, the drip stand and Lex.
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She struggled to get up upon seeing him but he held her down with what looked like tears in his eyes. Her sight was blurry probably due to the fact that she just woke up.
Then she screamed ‘leaaavvvvve mmmmmmeee allllllllooooonnnnnneee!’
‘shhhh’ Lex said placing his index finger on his lips.
Her noise however attracted some nurses in the next ward.
‘nurse, please send this animal away! I don’t want to ever set my eyes on him ever again, he’s a traitor!’ she cried.
The nurse turned to Lex ‘sorry mister but who are you to the patient?’
‘i’m her fiance’ Lex replied with a shaky voice as more tears poured down his eyes shamelessly.
‘it’s a lie!’ Ann fired.
The nurse sighed ‘i’m sorry sir but you just have to leave, the patient is obviously stressed up and we can’t afford to stress her the more’
‘no buts sir, we are really sorry but if you don’t leave here right now, we might be forced to call the hospital security for you’ the nurse warned sternly but with a little smile still plastered on her face.
Lex nodded, looked at Ann and walked out of the ward.
The door bell rang.
Sandra dragged herself from the cushion and to the door and opened it. She saw a teary looking Lex.
His face was red.
And his eyes tired and worn out. He entered without paying her attention and she concluded that he was still angry about what happened earlier.
LEX: Sandra please help me with a glass of water, i beg you.
Sandra nodded, disappeared through the hallway and returned with a chilled glass of water.
Lex took it from her ‘do you know that Ciara’s woken up?’ he took down the water in one gulp as he studied her expression. Her expression was unreadable but he was sure he saw fear in her eyes ‘but i have good news’

‘what?’ Sandra asked as her hands shook.
‘she doesn’t remember who stabbed her’
‘she has temporary amnesia’
Ciara smiled as she thought of her plan.
It was nice!
Nice making everyone believe that she had an amnesia.
No be only amnesia.
She was going to make everyone believe she didn’t remember a thing.
And then she was going to kill Sandra with her own hands.
The person who stabbed her.
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