Love And Revenge Episode 20


Ann froze.
Lex quickly pushed Sandra away while cleaning his lips with his palm.
Sandra smiled inwardly and slowly put on her dress. Then she stood up, blew Ann a kiss then pecked Lex on the cheek, then cat walked out of the sitting room.
Tears ran down Ann’s eyes, words could not explain the hurt she felt at seeing her beloved Lex kissing another lady. She felt stabbed in the heart.
All of a sudden the world started spinning around her. She placed her left palm on her forehead and held the chair for balance.
Lex noticed the way she moved back and forth as if she was going to faint and stood up, held her by the waist.
She was too tired to push him away. But she managed to remove his hands from her waist but he held her again, this time she succumbed and fainted.
Sandra shut the door behind her, then sat on the bed. She wasn’t happy doing this.
Hurting her fellow woman was something she never felt she’d do in the nearest future. And above all fighting for a man was what she never thought she’d do. But she loved Lex, she loved him like she had never loved another man and there was nothing she could do about it. She couldn’t fight it neither could she deny it.
Her phone rang.
Lex paced up and down around the hospital as sweat formed around his brows.
He looked at room 311, that was Ciara’s room. Room 310 was Ann’s. Then he decided to check up on Ciara.
He walked to the door and turned it open. A nurse was there. And…..
He was shocked.
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Ciara’s beautiful eyes scanned him, then she smiled.
How come?
When did she wake up? It wasn’t possible.
He forced a smile and his heart pounded loudly against his chest.
He rushed to her ‘Ciara, you are awake!’
She smiled ‘Lex, what’s up?’
‘i’m cool. How come, i mean what happened to you Ciara, who stabbed you?’
Ciara frowned and held her head ‘was i stabbed?’
Lex drew back in shock ‘what the heck are you saying?’
‘what happened to me? Why am i here?’
Lex looked up at the nurse in confusion, then the nurse smiled at him.
‘well,’ the nurse said ‘it seems like when she was stabbed and fell down, she hit her head against a very hard substance. Maybe the floor was really hard. She has temporary amnesia but with the drugs and drip we placed her on, she’s due to remember soonest, maybe in a week or two or lets just say less than a month’
Lex’s heart pounded louder against his chest as what seemed like joy formed in his heart, nice!
‘excuse me’ the nurse said and left the room.
Ciara smiled wider ‘where’s Sandra? Please call her for me, and my sister? How long have i been in the hospital?’
Lex smiled.
He looked away. He had problems of his own, real problems. How was he going to pacify Ann? What had come over him?
CIARA: Where’s my silly boyfriend? I remember we had a little quarel, please give me your phone, let me call the idiot.
Her smile was charming. Such a pretty damsel she really was. She was obviously the most pretty woman he had ever seen. Followed by Sandra. Then Ann. Then Anita. These four were the most beautiful women he had ever seen.
He smiled and gave her the phone.
Tommy Anderson’s hands shook as he entered the hospital. He had just recieved news that his beloved daughter had woken up, finally!
Ciara was alive. But what of Anita? It was true that Ciara was his favourite daughter but Anita was also his beloved daughter.
The two completed his life and he really wished they would survive.
He got to the reception, requested to see Ciara Anderson and signed as her dad. Then he went in.
He saw his daughter looking lively and talking on the phone.
Then he saw another guy by her side.
He froze that instant.
The guy was oddly familiar.
No, he looked like Ajayi. The man he had murdered several years ago and burnt down his house and family.
The guy looked so much like Ajayi, then it dawned on him.
This was Lex! Ajayi’s first son.
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