It was 6 in the evening on a Friday. You took your blue-striped shirt from your Ghana-must-go bag, stretched it out to straighten it a bit and putt on your pair of brown khaki trousers. You pulled out your mirror from within the bowl in which you ate “gari soakings” during the day.
You looked into the mirror and realized even though two-third of it was gone, you still looked good and fresh in the remaining piece. “Ummm….After all, the freshness from Ho Technical University; the same reason why most ladies couldn’t help but haunt for your number is still there” you smiled to yourself and dashed out of your room.
Just fifteen minutes, 30 meters from your house, you met a group of youth gathered behind a kiosk. They were in a meeting, you could see. You got closer to them and realised that they were actually celebrating.  You tried getting closer only to be repelled by the strong arm of “bouncer”.
Bouncer was one of the fearful guys around. He was well-built and whenever he spoke, nobody countered him. He often fought in town, injured people and when reported to the police, the case died off in hours.
“Ah! What that man-woman too dey do for here?” a voice said from among the youth
They all laughed at you and you were so depressed. Now, everyone was looking down on you, you opined. You walked slowly and thoughtfully to the Kenkey base where you often got bolls of Kenkey for the night. Tonight was an unusual night for you. Tonight, you weren’t in that same mood you carried when you went to buy Kenkey from Ablavi.
“Eiii..Today dierr, you won’t play with me errr? Or you have some fish already so you don’t want me to dash you? Ablavi said, laughing wildly.
You got even more annoyed by Ablavi’s comment but you wouldn’t let her realize it. After all, she often gave you fish for free when you buy kenkey. You gave her money to buy both Kenkey and fish, she served you and you left her place without saying a word.
On your way back home, you heard a voice calling you from the dark. You turned around quickly to see who it was, but there was nobody in sight. You walked on, the voice came again but this time it sounded nearer than the previous time. You requested who it was.
“It’s Jonas” the voice replied. You stopped and waited a while for Jonas to meet up with you. Jonas was one of the very close friends you had. He was supportive to you in spite of the challenges you faced.
“What’s up, bro?” Jonas asked.
“I’m good, man. Just going home” you replied.
“Okay. We haven’t met the whole of today” Jonas said.
“Oh! Yea. Charley, hmmmmm… Things no dey go well oo… so I no fit go out of late” You said with your tongue locked up in your mouth.
“Oh! What dey worry you, bro?” Jonas asked.
“Bro, sorrows have been my song of late. Nothing about me seems to impress society anymore. I am more like a rejected stone now. Unfortunately, I am not sure I’d even become a cornerstone” You replied.
“Oh! Bro, you can’t afford to talk like that. It is bad to count yourself as such”. Jonas said
“I have heard more insults today alone than any other day of my life.  I woke up earlier today to insults from that small girl… You know Yaa… right” You asked.
“yea… I know Yaa” Jonas answered.
“ That little girl insulted me today too just like any other day. I took it normal and went away considering that she was young and didn’t know what she was doing. As if that wasn’t enough, on my way to town this evening, I saw a couple of guys gathered somewhere. I tried joining them only to be pulled aside and called a man-woman by bouncer. Worst of all, the kenkey seller also decided to call me names just because I used to take fish from her often.”  You said.
“Oh! Hmmmmmmmmm….Bro, I understand your worries now but don’t worry at all. It shall be well. All your enemies would definitely fall into the pit they have dug for you to fall into”. Jonas said
“I have always been insulted in this community from the very day I graduated from the University. But today has been the worst of all other days and I just can’t take it likely.” You said.
“Bro, it is alright. There is a solution to all problems. That’s why they say: Victors are those who have identified the solution to their problems” Jonas said.
“I know, Joe. But when will my solution come? Is it after I’m dead and gone or after I’ve been spat on by all?” You lamented.
“Bro. There is a new opportunity for you and me in town here. It’s just about how willing and dedicated you are” Jonas said.
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You looked up into Jonas’ face trying to catch a bit of satire in his face. But, you were disappointed; he looked more serious than you thought he was. He was definitely sure of what he meant.
“What is it, my brother? Please tell me” you said hurriedly.
“It is a highly risky job which you ought to be strong enough to venture into. Do you have the courage and willingness to do this?” Jonas asked.
“Jonas, what is there in life that I wouldn’t be willing to do now just to save myself from the mess in which I find myself? I have been living a meaningless life ever since my mother passed nine years ago. As for my So-called father, you know his story already. I haven’t felt life and I am always embedded in the pot of sadness like meat stuck in soup. I need to break out of this and you know it. So please spare me all the questions and let’s get to business” you said.
“Great. I know your story very well. And that is the more reason why I have always been by you through it all as a friend. And it is for the same reason that I have chosen to help you now. I just want to be sure that you really need the kind of help I want to offer you now.” Jonas said
“Just go ahead. I’m all ears. At least, this news would dilute the bunch of insults concentrated in my ears” You said
“Ahead of the forthcoming elections, some political parties are recruiting informants from various constituencies to feed them with information relevant to their agenda in the forthcoming elections…” Jonas was saying when he realized he was in an open environment. “It isn’t safe discussing this here” He quickly refrained. “So where then do we discuss this all-important issue?” you asked.
Jonas was quick to suggest a velvet tamarind tree behind a basic school just nearby. You walked at a pace that you hadn’t imagined right behind Jonas as you headed for the venue for your discussions.
“We are here now, so shall we discuss whatever it is?” you asked anxiously.
“Yes, Yes, Yes. Just as I was telling you, some political parties are hiring young and vibrant people from each community to feed them with information relevant to their agenda in the forthcoming elections” Jonas said.
“Yes, so what is my role?” you asked.
“I was told about this yesterday by my cousin who happens to be the one in charge of the recruitment in this area. I gave it a thought and decided to join this group now. The payment is good and it is such an easy job” Jonas said.
“Okay, that sounds good. But my question has not been answered” You said
“Oh! What was your question?”
“I said, tell me what my role is” you answered.
“There are two options here. You either provide information and assistance to the macho men who would be brought and kept in hideouts in town or you decide to act as a spy on the opponents of our boss.” Jonas said
“Really? That simple? And how much is the pay?”
“Five hundred Ghana cedis per week”
“That’s quite huge for such a job. Who is your boss?”
“No need knowing my boss. In fact, I don’t know him myself. I have been informed that he would meet us days to the election”
“Okay. I think I like the offer. But I’d have to think of it tonight and get back to you hopefully tomorrow morning” you said.
“Alright. No worries. Do that quickly. And one more thing: We shall all be given Iphone 8S for communication as well”
“WOW! Really? You don’t mean that, Jonas!”
“I do mean it. Just think through it and let me get feedback tomorrow” Jonas answered.
And this brings us to the end of episode 2 of this interesting story. Please and please, no matter where you are or who you are, try as much as possible to uphold peace and justice in the least way you can during this election. Ghana needs you alive! Your family and friends need you alive! Stay safe and promote peace!
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To be continued………………