Love And Revenge Episode 19


SANDRA: Lex, what have i done to deserve all these insults from Ann? What is my offence? Simply because i’m staying here doesn’t mean she should insult me and remind me everything that i’m nothing but a murderer. Ann has insulted me today. Simply because i offered to help her boil rice, she refused and immediately accused me of trying to poison her and her baby. What wrong did i do? I just wanted to help.
ANN: Christ! You are nothing but a bloody liar! Wasn’t i the one who…..
LEX: Ann, is it true?
ANN: hell no! This girl is hell bent on lying against me…..
SANDRA: Heaven and the earth knows that i’m not lying. Ever since she announced the news of her pregnancy, Ann has turned to someone else. She’s always quick to pick up quarrels with me, insult me and remind me of how I’ve rendered two siblings useless, can you imagine. It’s paining me Lex that’s why i’m crying.
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ANN: Shut up!
LEX: no you shut up! Listen and listen very good Ann, i know what you are capable of and you are definitely capable of this, i know what you can do and can’t do and i know you can do this. What has this innocent girl done to you? This certainly isn’t the first time i’m hearing this but i chose to ignore it. And so i’m warning you, such a thing shouldn’t repeat itself in this house again!
ANN: like seriously? You are not going to even listen to my own side of the story?
LEX: i have told you Ann, the next time you try this again, i won’t tell you what i’ll do to you. Sandra come.
Sandra sobbed and moved closer, then he hugged her.
‘i’m sorry Sandra, don’t mind her. But just know that this is your house also and you have equal authority with her alright?’
‘yes’ Sandra said.
Ann pushed the door open and entered inside the room fuming. Lex looked up from his laptop, looked at her and smiled.
LEX: Honey, come…..
ANN: Don’t honey me Lex! You are so partial! Why are you doing this to me, do you even love me at all?
LEX: I don’t understand you.
ANN: How were you planning to understand me? Lex, do you think that i’m that wicked. So you actually believed everything that idiotic animal said to you in the afternoon, Lex you believed her, you didn’t even give me a chance to explain.
Lex dropped his laptop and stood up ‘look darling, i understand. I heard pregnant women become extremely harsh when……’
ANN: So you actually believe that i’m now harsh right? I’m just six weeks pregnant, six weeks!
LEX: Then if that is the reason, why didn’t you allow her help you with the chores? Sandra is a nice girl, if she offers to help you with something, please accept, she would not do anything to hurt you, she’s not a bad person. Forget about the fact that she attempted to kill Ciara and her sister, she did that all for revenge. Their father started the game first so….
ANN: Just listen to yourself, listen! Do you even care to know what happened today or what has been happening ever since?
LEX: I care to know and that’s why i’m begging you, please calm down. I know you, you aren’t naturally wicked but you can go to the extreme when you hate someone and i don’t know if you hate Sandra or not.
ANN: Shut up! I am not a wicked person, and i swear to God, everything Sandra said wasn’t true. Sandra is heartless and wicked, you know what you did and said to me today? You don’t want to know and how am i sure you don’t sneak into her room at nights and f**k her huh? How am i sure?
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LEX: Enough of all this stupid talks Ann, in fact get the hell out of my room right now!
ANN: Hell no! You know what? I’m sleeping in your room tonight and in fact, this is my new room. Let me see how you can be able to sneak out and f**k her every time.
LEX: You are crazy! If i should come back and meet you here, you will see the crazy side of me, nonsense!
He opened the door and went out in annoyance.
He saw Sandra standing by the door sobbing, obviously she heard everything. He felt really bad for her, she was such a nice pretty girl and she didn’t do anything to deserve this ill treatment from Ann or so he thought.
SANDRA: Lex, what did i do to deserve this, what? I just offered to help her, nothing more. I know pregnant women tend to get tired most times and i only wanted to help, i never knew she was going to see it another way. I have no evil intentions for her and her baby, why should i when i intend to be a mother some day?
Lex was moved with sympathy and drew her close ‘i’m so sorry dearie, please understand Ann, you know she’s usually not like that, it’s just the pregnancy’
SANDRA: I understand but if she doesn’t want me, i could go. I could forego this whole d–n revenge and leave this country and let God take control. After all Ciara knows i’m the one who stabbed her and if she wakes up, she would be able to say the person who stabbed her, i might end up in jail and all my efforts will go to waste.
Bingo! Why hadn’t she thought of this before? She thought. It had escaped her, if Ciara wakes up, what becomes of her, oh Christ!
Lex scratched his forehead in confusion. Ciara was going to wake up, no doubt. Then what of Sandra? She was going down if Ciara wakes up and confesses to the police who stabbed her.
LEX: Uhm, let’s leave Ann’s issue for now, we could settle that later but now that you’ve talked about it, what are we going to do if Ciara wakes up?
Sandra sniffed and wiped her fake tears with her palm ‘let’s talk in the sitting room’
With his hands around her shoulder, they walked to the sitting room.
LEX: The only thing i can think of is you going into hiding. You will have to leave the country Sandra, Naija ain’t safe for you right now.
SANDRA: What about my revenge?
LEX: i’ll take care of it. I’ll kill Tommy Anderson for you.
Sandra shook her head and placed her head on his chest ‘i want to kill him myself, the same way he murdered my parents’
‘it’s going to be tough. Ciara could put you in trouble’
Sandra raised up her head and smiled ‘Lex, I’ve always wanted to do something’
She held his face and placed her lips on his.
Lex stilled for seconds not able to recover from the shock. When he finally did, she was chewing his lower lip like a candy.
He moaned in her mouth, held her waist and drew her to him. The kiss was consuming. She was a good kisser and it deeply aroused him.
Not minding who was inside and who was not, he grabbed her shirt and tore it into two, dipped his hands in her bra and massaged her nipples while she moaned in his mouth.
Just then, Ann came inside.
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