This story is purely a futuristic fictional story which seeks to speak to the conscience of all Ghanaian’s against violence in the forthcoming election. I hope this story touches as many hearts as reads it. Please do well to share to your friends and relatives.
It was an early Monday morning, 16th November, 2020. The sun had risen from it’s warm soothing bed in the Far East, journeying toward her workplace in the west. The whole township of Akatsi has been filled with the breeze of the forthcoming election. Armed officers were spotted all over the environment.
Reporters took turns to interview people in the community on their expectations during the election. Rumors had it that some ammunition was transported into the country the previous day.  You turned around lazily on your mat only to be pierced by the spears of light from the sun’s eyes peeping into your un-arranged room.
News of the imported ammunition hit your ear drums from the speakers of a nearby drinking spot. You wouldn’t think so much about that, after all, you got no benefit from the politicians.
You picked up your legs from where they rested, stood up rather slowly and walked outside. You looked through the whole environment thoroughly in search of nothing only to find something.
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On your immediate right, there stood a big cup on a dwarf sit. You turned to the direction of the cup, bent down and picked it. Toward a big pot which stood firmly like a rock right behind your window, you walked. Stretching your neck and arm into the pot, you tried getting yourself a cup of water.
Suddenly, your attention was drawn to something you weren’t expecting. ‘Mtcheeew’ was the sound you heard. At that instance, you tried figuring out who exactly it was but no, your mind wouldn’t allow you to. You turned around quickly almost as if you were attacking a thief with your head.
To your surprise, it is that same girl. The one whose mother lives opposite your room in the same compound. Apparently, she was up to one of her usual insult sprees. This girl, Yawa who is just a little over 6 years keeps insulting you at the slightest opportunity she got.
You looked at her fiercely yet she stood still, looking at you straight in the eyes. You turned around peacefully and walked toward the other side of your building. You poured some water in your mouth, rinsed your mouth and poured the water out. You cleaned your face with part of the water and made for the pot to put the cup in it.
Unconsciously, your eyes met hers again. She was still standing at the same point looking at you the same way that made you look nude before her. Your anger was now gaining a PHD and you couldn’t control it anymore. You threw a very big shoe you had around at her.
She dodged the shoe and laughed at you loudly, and then she ran into their room. You walked angrily to her parents and tried reporting to them.
“Daavi, this…this your daughter is annoying me oo” You said pointing to Yawa
“Ah! What has Yawa done again?” Daavi Adzotor asked
“Your daughter has insulted me…Talk to her oo…If not, I will just beat her and kill her” You said while attempting to hit Yawa.
“Oh…It’s not come to that yet. She is your younger sister. Don’t hit her. I’ll caution her okay? It’s alright.” Daavi said while trying to prevent you from hitting Yawa.
You turned around and moved toward your room. You walked feeling that was the best thing you could have done. Behind you, Daavi turned toward her daughter and said to her:
Don’t mind him. He can’t do anything to you. He is just a lazy man who can’t do anything with his life. If he tries, I will just beat him up. Mother and daughter laughed into their room.
And this brings us to the end of episode 1 of this interesting story. Please and please, no matter where you are or who you are, try as much as possible to uphold peace and justice in the least way you can during this election. Ghana needs you alive! Your family and friends need you alive! Stay safe and promote peace!
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To be continued……