Love And Revenge Episode 18


Lex frowned ‘whats the meaning of that? What do you mean by you are pregnant?’
‘i just found out about it Lex, i’m 6 weeks pregnant’ Ann said excitedly.
Lex looked at her and to Sandra in confusion. Sandra on her part couldn’t control the anger and jealousy in her heart. How dare Ann? How dare she get pregnant for the man she had learnt to love living with him in a just a few days.
LEX: I…..really?
ANN: yes, Lex, aren’t you happy about it?
SANDRA: what’s there to be happy about? She didn’t even know when she blurted it out but it was out before she could stop herself.
Ann looked at her ‘why did you say that?’
Then she laughed loudly and hugged Ann ‘i’m so happy for you Ann, so when are you and Lex getting married?’
LEX: Don’t even go there, marriage is not in my agenda right now.
He stood up, picked his car keys and kissed Ann lightly on her lips ‘I’ve got to be somewhere sweet-pea, we would celebrate this when i get back’
He smiled at Sandra and left.
What nonsense!
He couldn’t even blow her a kiss or something, anyways, they weren’t dating right?
Lex got into his car and sighed. He wasn’t ready for this. He wasn’t ready to be a father right now. Ann still had a lot of work to do for him, if she gets pregnant now then she won’t be able to do everything. Like seducing some men he would want her to, doing stressful jobs and all that.
No! This mustn’t happen. He thought of convincing Ann to terminate the pregnancy that they could still have more babies in the future when his revenge mission must have been completed and they get the hell out of the country. But he knew it was going to be impossible.
In the fifteen years of having carnal knowledge of each other, he knew Ann always wanted to get pregnant. He didn’t know why.
She sometimes wondered if he was going to abandon her one day and go after other ladies once he was tired of having sex with her and so she had always wanted to get pregnant and tie him down with the pregnancy, reason why she always wanted to get pregnant.
He knew this was her plan all along.
He loved Ann, he really did and there was nothing on planet earth that was going to stop him from marrying her. That was her compensation for all the troubles she had gone through for him.
He started the engine and drove straight to the hospital where Ciara was admitted.
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SANDRA: what’s all this disturbance for now? Can’t somebody rest in this house again? What in heaven’s name is wrong with you Ann?
ANN: i don’t understand you nowadays Sandra. Why just can’t you help me boil rice? There’s stew in the fridge and you know my pregnancy is at it’s early stage, do you want me to lose my pregnancy?
SANDRA: Hold it there madam pregnancy! Are you the only pregnant woman around? So because you are pregnant, you cannot boil common rice, what are you carrying in that womb of yours, is it not a human being abi na Jesus you wan born?
ANN: Sandra don’t insult me.
SANDRA: Abegee shut up and leave me alone. Go and boil your rice, if you can’t boil rice again, simple! Go to any of the mama put around and buy some? Because as for me, i’m not your cook and i can never be one.
ANN: you are an idiot! God will punish you! So you cannot help me to boil common rice…..
SANDRA: First of all, it’s you that God will punish and then secondly, since you know it’s common rice, why not take your pregnant self and go to the kitchen and boil with, what’s your own problem na, must i help you in everything?
ANN: yes oo. You must help me. You just can’t live here, eat here and sleep here without assisting with the chores. All you do nowadays is wake up, eat the breakfast i prepared, sit and watch telenovelas. Time for lunch i’ll still prepare and you’ll eat, you still won’t help me with the dishes. I’ll still prepare dinner and you’ll eat without bothering to help and i’m pregnant…..
SANDRA: keep quiet abeg! You are pregnant, you are pregnant. You are just six weeks pregnant! Common six weeks! Must i help you with everything? Before i came to live here, weren’t you the one doing everything with little or no assistance from Lex?
ANN: left for me, i’m not complaining, i don’t have problem doing all the chores because i’m used to it. But nowadays, i’m usually tired due to my condition and all i ask is that you help me sometimes when i’m not strong enough to…..
SANDRA: God punish you! So you want to use me as a slave simply because you are pregnant abi? You have to get used to it oo because whether or not you get tired or not, you will work! When you were busy strafing the hell out of Lex, you didn’t think of the challenges that accompanies pregnancy abi, when you’ve finished enjoying everything and you got the result, you con dey find who you wan suffer, thunder fire you!
ANN: in my house? Me, thunder fire you too Sandra! Na accident go kill you, so you are this wicked. In fact, where is Lex. LEX!!! LEX!!! LEX!!!
Lex dragged his tired self to the sitting room yawning.
LEX: what is it?
Suddenly Sandra burst into tears.
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To be continued…..