Love And Revenge Episode 17


Lex looked at Ann ‘you did what i asked you to do right?’
‘yes i did. By the way, how’s Ciara?’ Ann replied.
Lex shrugged ‘hmm, she’s still unconcious but the doctors are trying their best’
‘how about the investigations about who stabbed her and who cut the brakes of her twin sister’s car?’
‘they are yet to find out about anything. Sandra did a clean job, she used gloves so the finger prints can’t be traced’ he turned around and glanced at Sandra who was sitting at one edge of the sitting room deeply into whatever she was doing with her cell phone.
Ever since Ciara and Anita’s incident, they had started living together in Lex’s house while also planning their next step of action. Ann was of the suggestion that Ciara dies since she knows who stabbed her, same with Anita but Lex would hear none of it.
‘have you called Chuks?’ Lex asked.
ANN: I called him. He said the moment he was about stepping into the office, he saw Peter’s mother approaching so he backed off. They ended up spending hours in the office and then finally they left together, so it was a mission impossible.
LEX: Hmm.
Sandra stood up from where she had sat and walked up to them.
SANDRA: We need to talk everyone. We need to get something clear here.
LEX: What?
SANDRA: Lex, i want to understand something clearly here. You don’t want Ciara dead, neither do you want Anita dead but you want Peter dead, why is that?
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LEX: What’s the reason for that question?
SANDRA: I’ve been suggesting that we somehow get Ciara assasinated in the hospital but you claim that she’s innocent and that she knows nothing about the evils her dad had committed in the past and that we should let her and her sister be, but you want Peter dead. Are you trying to tell me now that Peter was there when his father joined hands with Tommy Anderson to perpetuate evils?
Lex drew back in surprise and looked at Ann obviously speechless. Ann also gave him that i-need-to-know-as-well-kind-of-look.
LEX: Well….. Sandra, the thing is, Ciara is a nice person, she doesn’t deserved to die and…..
SANDRA: Hold it. Peter is the nicest guy i’ve ever met apart from my late brother, he’s the next sweetest thing to suya okay?
LEX: He’s a guy.
SANDRA: So all guys deserve to pay for their father’s sin right?
LEX: I thought you wanted Ciara and Anita dead?
SANDRA: I don’t care who dies anyway. If you want to kill Peter, it’s fine with me. I just wanted to be clear on something, if Peter dies then Ciara and Anita dies too. Children for children.
ANN: I agree with you Sandra. You just can’t kill Abraham Nino’s innocent son and spare Tommy Anderson’s daughters. For all we know Tommy Anderson is the most wicked among them.
LEX: Sampson Nativent. How many children has he?
ANN: And what has that got to do with the matter at hand?
LEX: Listen both of you, i’m the boss here and i choose who survives and who does not. Ciara lives but Peter dies.
SANDRA: If as a boss you are going to execute a plan then you should give a reason. Why are you sparing Ciara and killing Peter?
ANN: Yes.
Lex inhaled deeply. How was he to explain that he felt a longing in his soul to protect Ciara, to protect Ciara from harm? That everyday he visited her in the hospital and whenever he saw her just lying down there he felt a particular longing to kill Sandra. That he started hating Sandra the moment she stabbed Ciara.
LEX: Let’s not talk about this please.
Ann clapped her hands ‘yes let’s forget about this please. Meanwhile, i have an announcement to make’
Lex and Sandra looked at her inquiringly ‘what?’ they chorused.
‘i’m pregnant’
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