POOLEY GIRL (18+) episode 11


I got home around 3pm in the afternoon. My dad was lying on the couch when I entered with my mum sitted beside him and havung a discussion in low tone.
“Daddy good afternoon, mummy good afternoon,” I greeted upon entering.
“Good afternoon dear,” my dad replied.
“Linda is this you?” My mum asked standing from her seat and checking me all over.
It has been long since I last went home so I wasn’t surprised about my mum’s observations. I had gained weight and looked fairer in complexion. A friend of mine had recommended one cream and “Ama boahema milk” and my fair skin had become the end result. My hair-do looked expensive and my mum took note of it.
“You look different,” my mum observed.
“Hope you haven’t started following men
“Ah mummy No…,” I replied. “My roommate’s parents are rich so she’s taking good care of me.”
“Yoo,” my mum chorused. “Thank God you came early, your dad and I will be leaving for the hospital soon and you have to go with us.”
“Ok ma,” I replied.
“Please come closer,” my dad motioned to me when my mum had gone to prepare before we leave.
“Have you had any encounter with any spiritualist or herbalist?”
The question struck me like thunder.
“Encounter with spiritualist?” I echoed under my breath.
“Yes, have you had any encounter with any spiritualist or herbalist?” My dad repeated.
“No Dad, not at all.”
“Please tell me the truth,” my dad pressed on. “I had one terrible dream last night where I was being pursued by one spiritualist who asked me to tell my daughter to come and settle him. So tell me the truth, have you had anything to do with any spiritualist or herbalist?”
“I’ve never had anything to do with any
spiritualist or herbalist,” I replied feeling
My mum soon joined us in the sitting room
and we left for the hospital while my younger siblings remained at home. We got to the hospital and my dad was first
put under I.V infusion for about one hour
before he was wheeled into the theatre.
“They said his prostate had gone bad,” my
mum revealed as we sat outside the theatre waiting for the surgery to commence. “We were in the hospital two weeks ago; that was when the doctor booked him for the operation.”
“He will pull through,” I said sounding
I felt scared inside but masked my feelings superbly. I didn’t know whether the malam’s threat had anything to do with my dad’s ailment.
“Hope everything is fine?” My mum asked
when she noticed the drop in my countenance.
“Yes, everything is fine,” I replied nodding my head. The operation lasted for more than 5hours at which point my mum was already fidgeting on her seat.
“This operation has lasted long,” my mum
said looking apprehensive. “I’m no longer comfortable.”
“Mummy don’t worry, daddy will pull through,” I replied to calm her down.
The operation ended 3 hours later but the
doctor came out with a sullen face. My dad didn’t make it. My dad’s death threw my family into a new era of hardship which my mum couldn’t cope with. My dad’s relatives hovered in like hungry
vultures and took away the few assets my
dad left behind. They claimed my male siblings were too young to take care of my dad’s properties so they came to help.
Things became very difficult for my mum to the extent that paying my school fees became a huge burden for her. All these increased my desperation and determination to make it in my POOLEY
The first thing I did when I got back to my hostel after my dad’s funeral rites was to visit the malam
“Your stubbornness killed your dad,” the
malam said as soon as he saw me. “If you
don’t appease the spirits within the next four weeks, you’ll see what will happen to
“So it was you who killed my father?” I asked the malam feeling very angry and terrified at the same time.
“Your mother will soon join him,” the
malam retorted unmoved by my outburst.
“You must do all those things I asked you to do within the next four weeks and
appease the spirits whose shrine you
desecrated. Then you decide whether or not you wish to repeat the ritual for the ‘Do As I Say Power’ you initially requested for.”I stood up and left the malam’s shrine immediately.
I rallied around for money and was able to gather a hundred and fifty thousand cedis with which I cleared the malam’s demands. Then I went back to my hostel to decide whether or not to go ahead with the “DO AS I SAY POWER”. That aspect of drinking the semen of three different men mixed together in one small bowl was the most difficult aspect of the ritual which I wasn’t sure I could go through with. And vomiting again for the
second time in the shrine meant going through that desecration process again which I wasn’t ready for. After going through all these in my mind, I decided to let the “DO AS I SAY POWER” be for the time being till I was ready to cope with the requirements of the ritual…
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