A Man's Destiny Season 1 Episode 3


As Pemisire kept the attaché case under her soft-side bed, she rushed because her sister might walk in. After getting it done, she smiled and sat again.
She picked up her diary and wrote inside, perhaps she might have written what just happened inside it. After she did that, she discovered she just made a big mistake. What if her diary was found? She nodded continuously,
“I have to be very watchful.”
She picked up her mobile phone and called her best friend- Helen. She felt it was a while she heard her voice. After the call, she picked up her acoustic guitar and sat again.
She was a music composer and had a lot of songs composed. She loved playing guitar anytime, it looked as if it did wash her worries down. Sometimes she remembered her mother, the guitar would be her best friend, to keep her lively. As she played, she moved her head slowly with the rhythm of the song she sang along. She was filled with mirth. Her soul was lifted as she sang with passion. It was her life, as her twin sister liked to write stories. Both were extremely blessed with talents.
After she played for some minutes, she dropped it back and darted out of the room. She went to the kitchen to prepare herself something. She couldn’t eat at the get-together party like her sister did and was famished already.
She was in the kitchen when the doorbell chimed.
“Who’s this person? This night?” She asked herself calmly as she leaned against the refinished oak cabinet.
The kitchen was a big one with a ceramic tiles, it had an open plan with a refinished oak cabinet and pane style cabinet doors. Stainless steel cookers which had at least five tops,  a black dishwasher, a microwave which was near the white deep fryer plugged to the wall and sink which had a window over it, covered with a floral curtain. It had a rack for the utensils and brushed stainless appliances.
She tried to peep and saw two guys that walked in. “Who are these ones?” She asked herself as she gazed at them. The guys sat down freely, smiling as they admired the house.
“I think trouble is brewing.” She said as she took in a long breath and exhaled deeply.
Pemisayo locked up the door and decided to leave the living room for the visitors when she was called back by the guys, to have her seat. One of them started the discussion with a buirdly voice.
“I learnt you are three inside this house, where’s the last lady?”
Davies was getting terrified as he stared at them. To him, they didn’t look armed but if they weren’t, they wouldn’t come in just like that. The approach looked frightening.
There was silence for a while. Pemisire had stopped peeking, her heartbeat had increased as she left the place she stood. Her father had said it, it seemed they came for the classic documents already. What would she do? Run away? She wasn’t certain, she wasn’t sure of what to be done. She could maneuver her way into the room, but if she ran away, what of her father and her twin sister? She was now ill at ease properly, thinking on what to do. She had left her phone inside the room, and did that even matter then? What mattered was the safety of the three and the classic documents! She thought and peeped again.
The earlier, the better. She walked stealthily across the dinning room. It was Pemisayo that saw her as she tiptoed inside the house, the guys sat backing the dining room where Pemisire walked through. She had to do everything with ease, it looked as if they were desperate to get her.
She opened the door to her room gently and got hold of the attaché case when she heard the roaring voices of the guys from where she was. She looked around the room to reach her phone but couldn’t find it. She must have left it in the kitchen, thinking she left the room without it earlier.
She had started panicking as she held on to the case firmly. What would she do? She summoned courage and walked out of the room quietly so she could hear what the discussion was all about.
“Get me the last lady!” She heard vividly.
She was in the bigger sitting room that was upstairs then. Should she descend the stairs? She was antsy and confused already. Or has it been known that she was with the classic documents already? The documents every man would want to have.
She heard the shout of her twin sister and the attaché case fell from her hands due to the fear.
“Someone is still in this house, go and get her.” One of the guys addressed the other as they heard the hollow thud made by the case. She picked up the case quickly. She had known that would stir up their zeal to get her. She ran through the stairs behind the house to the backyard. How could she tell if there was one of those guys at the gate? Her big brown eyes started squeezing out tears.
“Another.. shot!” Richard hit the glass cup on the table. He was drunk already and needed more of the wine.
This time, Jay had returned back to his seat to start drinking. He stared at Richard and shook his head. “How many glasses has he taken?”
“I don’t know.. he’s just been drinking.” Uche replied as he yawned.
“I don’t think he should take anything any longer. Though, I think this is better than wandering around.” Jay said.
“A lot better! If he had been wandering around the whole place, he might be robbed or might have done something bad to himself. All the same, he shouldn’t get drunk to this state.”
“If she dies, I die!” Richard said and started mumbling some incoherent words too. He had lost all coordination.
“It seems this guy is going to cause a scene.” Jay said as he dropped his drink and looked around if there was no one watching them.
“Richard, stop this.” He winced.
Uche nudged him but he just laughed. “Christina is my life! She must not die oh! If she dies, everyone is going to die.” He continued babbling until his friends helped him up.
It seemed they overstayed already, they should get going.
to be continued tomorrow