Pills N Potions” Season 2 Episode 5


“She is right under your nose, It’s your …………….” Ama said and pulsed.
Somehow, Ama felt this wasn’t the right moment for her to disclose who Helena really was. She felt that she could use that as a leverage to get the attention she needs from Appiah and probably secure him for herself.
“My what? Go on, I will be glad if you could finish your statement” Danny asked.
The door opened and Helena showed up. You could tell from her sweaty body that she has been in a hurry to get home quickly.
She quickly joined them at the living room to know what was really going on.
“You’ve been very smart today” Danny said.
“I just wanted to get home quick enough to do the house chores” Helena said.
“Anyway I must be on my way” Ama requested to leave.
This surprised Danny, they were in a middle of a conversation were Ama was making a crucial disclosure. He wasn’t smart enough to know that, it was the presence of Helena that made her pulsed.
“Oh so soon, I thought we were in a middle of a conversation? Danny asked.
“Don’t worry, I have to be at work by now, but I will surely pass by anytime I can” Ama said and headed to the door.
A sigh of relief for Helena, with what Ama said she knew that she has kept her word by keeping her mouth shut. However before Ama finally left the house, she shake hands with Danny and passed on a note to him.
Helena never saw this but indeed she was really threatened of Ama’s visit. She felt she needed to do something to keep Ama shut at all cost.
As soon as Danny got the note from Ama, He hid it from his wife and kept it in his pocket. Helena on the other hand was wondering the conversation that went on between them, when she was away and as soon as Ama left she started questioning her husband.
“So what was this business proposal she was talking about? Helena asked Danny
“Oh well, she wasn’t really detailed but I don’t think I will opt for it” Danny said.
“Why? Is it not a good deal? ” asked Helena.
“Not that but my brother is involved” He said.
Suddenly Helena became nervous but it was difficult for Danny to notice it. All his attention was on the message the note carried. He couldn’t’ open it until Helena is away from his presence.
“You mean Appiah? Helena asked to be sure.
“Yes but hey let’s forget about it, Tell me about Ama, your friend, you never mentioned her you know.” Danny raised a concern.
“Well, I will only do that on a condition” She said
“Conditions? Interesting, tell me about it” Danny said.
“Tell who Dede really is” Helena asked.
Helena apart from worrying about Ama’s visit, she had in mind of finding who Dede was. She was never going to let what happened last night go. Her quest was to find who this special friend her husband claims he have is. She was now after Dede.
Meanwhile Dede was still in Appiah’s house waiting for him, while she kept figuring how Appiah could keep such a herbal abortion medicine in his possession. For what? That’s the question she kept asking herself.
She became scared when she started putting up the pieces together. Was it that her sister, Rapha was pregnant and as a result drunk this medicine to abort it?
She became scared as these thoughts went through her mind. She couldn’t wait any longer. She then decided to rush to the hospital where Rapha passed away to find out from the Doctor if her sister was actually pregnant.
Something she should have done a long time ago. She took the drug along with her and rushed to the hospital.
Fortunately the Doctor who was responsible for Rapha had just arrived.
He invited her to his consulting room when Dede asked for his audience.
“How may I help, you look depressed” The Doctor asked.
“Doctor, do you know this drug and how effective it is” Dede asked and showed him the herbal medicine.
“What are you doing with this substance, are you pregnant? This herbal medicine has been banned in the market. It’s not safe for human consumption” Said the Doctor.
“I’m not pregnant Doc, I believe this has something to do with my sister’s death” Dede said.
“I see, per our medical reports, it showed that she attempted abortion which eventually went wrong” The Doctor revealed.
“But Doc, how could you have kept this from me? This is not ethical” Dede said with teary eyes.
“I told your colleague you were here with Madam, I believe he kept it from you for a good reason” The Doc. said.
Dede’s face dropped, it was obvious that Appiah gave Rapha the drug which eventually led to her death.
Disappointment,Anger, Hatred and vengeance filled her blood. She left the hospital looking very depressed. She loved Appiah and made sacrifices for him and that was all that he could do was to repay her.
This justified the saying that “There is a thin line between love and hatred”
All she felt now was hatred for Appiah. She needed someone to talk to, someone who could tell her more about Appiah. Her only option was Danny.
Without hesitating, she picked up phone and called him.
Unfortunately, Danny was taking his shower by then and had left his phone at the living room where Helena was seated.
Helena took the phone while it was ringing and lucky for her, the lady whom she had been looking was the one calling. The phone rang with Dede’s name popping up on the screen.
To Be Continued Tonight.