Pills N Potions” Season 2 Episode 9


After calling Helena on phone several times yet to no avail, he came to Dede’s place with intention of coming for money since Helena was not reachable at that moment; little did he know that he has just landed in the lion’s den.
Joe the resource manager at that night was still at the office alone. He had a lot of work on him that needed to be finished before the next working day. Somehow he found himself to be thinking of Dede. He was interested in her right from the moment she began working for the finance company even though he was a married man.
Dede was not the kind of person he thought she was. Initially, he tried taking advantage of the fact that Dede needed his help to employ Appiah. Even upon persistent, Dede never gave in to him.
He only employed Appiah to use him as leverage with the hope that Dede will eventually give in. All this while, Dede never knew Joe was a married man. He never wore his marriage ring at work place.
While Joe was still working, he noticed some huge amount of money have been transferred into an unknown account without any records from the accounting department.
The worse of it all was that, the money was given as a loan to this unknown account; however, it was clear that, the loan was never approved yet the unknown account has equally received that money.
Who was in charge of this transaction? Appiah the accountant was the number one suspect. Joe however didn’t want to take any chances, he needed to act immediately.
Ama was left at the restaurant thinking and wondering why Danny found it difficult to believe her. In her plans, getting Danny on her side was her priority and that will give her the opportunity to make Appiah pay back for what he had done to her sister Gloria.
Life after the death of Gloria became very tough for Ama. She never forgave herself for letting that happened to her sister. Ama swore that she was going to make sure that Appiah goes through hell for doing what he had done.
Her temper rose as she was seated at the restaurant. Anger and vengeance filled her heart up when she ran out of options. At this point, she was out of control and would do anything to appease her sister’s soul.
She only thought of one thing, to face Appiah and end it once and for all. She stood up and left the restaurant immediately. She then headed straight to Appiah’s house.
Dede was somehow pleased to see Appiah at the door. She then invited him quickly and to Appiah’s surprise, there he came face to face with his brother Danny and Helena, Danny’s wife.
“What the hell are you doing here? Appiah asked Danny in anger.
“Have I not warned you to stay away from my girlfriend” Appiah continued.
“I have my wife to take care of, am not after Dede. If only she knows the kind of person you are” Danny said.
Helena was surprised to hear what was coming out of Danny’s mouth. “Does that mean Appiah is dating Dede” She thought.
Initially, she thought that, Danny came with Appiah but apparently it wasn’t so. Dede interrupted and said.
“Danny, I really know who Appiah is. I was a fool to be in love with such a pervert” Dede said.
“My love, what are you saying, I’ve always loved you for who you are” Said Appiah.
“Then tell me what this is” Dede said showing him the herbal medicine.
“After impregnating my sister, you gave her this to terminate her pregnancy which eventually led to her death” Dede said.
“I….i can explain” Appiah said.
“What? Appiah is that how evil you can be? Helena came in.
“I blame myself for having falling into your trap for you to use me like a cheap hore.” Helena continued.
“Can someone explain what is going on here? What are you talking about Helena?” Danny who was so lost from what was going on asked.
The pressure was on Appiah, he couldn’t take it anymore. All he could do was to push Dede away and escaped through the door.