A Man’s Destiny Season 1 Episode 7


“Getting more critical, all you need is prayer.” Doctor Kate entered into the ward as she finished speaking to Richard and left him to start fighting with his weird thoughts again.
It was a week already, he had been performing wrongly in the office and would always visit the bar everyday after leaving his place of work to ‘wash down his worries’. Were the worries really washed down?
He’d get back home and sink into the bed and wouldn’t wake up until the next day into his worries and agony again. What else could he do to stop these bad imaginations from manifesting? Everything was bad for him and his sister, he always imagined the pains she did pass through every minute as she’d writhe to the right and left of the bed, the new news he just heard was that she now had Jaundice which bad started making her skin and eyes turn yellowish. She also had arthritis, what else didn’t she have that might cut her life short?
He had tured to an overnight drunkard just because of Christiana, he had turned his back against God and even ladies because they might be a source of disturbance to him. What else could he do than to walk out of the hospital to play with his new friend- alcohol.
“Pemisire, are you sure you will work at Hexagon Club and Bar?” Helen asked her as she stood up, dresses in an ankara gown and a pair of slippers.
“Yes, for the mean time.” She replied.
“Alright, let’s go there now because I have to iron the shirt I’ll wear to school tomorrow.” She took of her slippera and picked up her rubber sandals. Pemisire also stood up and wore one of Helen’s sandals near the fan. “Are we set?” Pemisire asked.
“Sure.” Helen smiled and both walked out.
“I just found a name here, and also a mobile number.” Lawrence told his guys.
“Name? Tell us more boss.”
“Now, I found Helen and her mobile number. As it was written in the diary, she’s likely to be her best friend. She wrote something about Destiny or so.. I can’t recollect but Helen is the only one found for now.” He explained.
“That’s simple boss, Let’s start with Helen.” Another guy spoke.
“So, we will start by calling her mobile number and disguising to be Michael.” Lawrence smiled.
“Michael?” The guys asked.
“Yes, I also found that name here, she wrote something about that guy that he inspired her into singing, the day she went to the hall with her best friend, Helen. So, from there, they might know each other.” He explained.
“Wao! That’s really cool boss.” One of them grinned.
“But what of the voice?” Another asked.
“That one is small, if she falls and she asks about the voice, we will tell her the phone has problem. And, a place where problem might come from is that if she contacts the guy regularly or if she doesn’t even know the guy or they aren’t connected.” Lawrence expatiated.
“That’s true, let’s start from there.” They laughed.
In no time, people will start criticizing me concerning the way I drink. In no time, many people will start criticizing me that I blame God and doubt his existence. Many people don’t know that his existence is useless to me, really worthless! She now has jaundice and God is alive, he’s not dead, people say he doesn’t sleep, neither does he slumber.
Hmmn! Now I k-n-o-w! He does sleep to some people’s problems and wouldn’t to some other people. I do say it, I do lay emphasis on it that he is partial! Yes, arthritis, pains, jaundice, yellowish skin and many more. This is too much for her to bear, just unbearable! I wonder how she’s been living, holding on to a thin rope that might cut at anytime.
She cries and shows her sadness, I think Doctors are even getting tired of us. Useless at both work and home, heading to an unknown destination and you tell me God exisits? You tell me he’s not partial?
That’s a lie!
Stephanie kept bothering Doctor Kate until she was told to sit down in the office. She was really impatient as she stared at the Doctor, she needed to know what had gone wrong with her best friend, she couldn’t just die that way. “Doctor, please speak up.” She rose to her feet again, already sweating copiously.
“I told you earlier to take things easy, your friend is not dead, it’s just that her condition just got worse.” She spoke slowly as she looked really unhappy.
“Worse? So, what is the ‘worse condition’ all about?” She sat down.
“Kidney, it’s kidney problem now.” She swooshed out a long breath and continued. “We need to get her operated as soon as possible, kidney transplant has to be done.” The Doctor said as she hit the ball pen in her hand on the table continuously.
“Transplant? What’s wrong again? What’s up with her kidney? Tell me! What’s happening?” She screamed.
“Easy lady! Anaemia causes low red blood cell count which as well causes kidney failure. It reduces the flow of oxygen also, so, please take it easy.”
“This is annoying! I wonder why this exists! I hate it when someone is in pain, what’s the purpose of coming to the world if one will experience peace throughout? Her life is at stake, her soul is burning! I can feel it, arthritis, Jaundice, now kidney failure! Is she the only one? Even if this is a trial, it’s getting too much!” She shouted.
“Everyone in this world have a trouble or the other that he or she’s battling with. If I tell you my story too, you’re going to marvel. You guys are now more than my clients and Christie is more than a patient. I passed through even more difficult challenges.” She rose to her feet and sighed.
“More difficult? I’m sure you didn’t pass through this pain, I’m sure.”
“I’m Kate, an asthmatic patient no one on earth could believe of her existence. I lost my blind father to a burning house which happened when my only brother was also fighting to become wealthy in life. He got himself into politics which made his fellow politicians who were fighting for a post burn down my father’s house and killed him. I had to run away with my mother when everything we had became nothing. I was in my 500 level, that time. There was no place to go to, no one to help, we were hated! Isolated! I don’t know what else to say right now… see lady, whatever the case will be, we will try our best.” She sat sadly.
“I wish to know what happened, how did you now become a Doctor? Even one that’s loved in this place?”
“Let’s leave that for another day, but I lost my mother to an accident too, I almost died because of the attack I had when I heard about her death. I had no hope, no friend, no one. Just.. let’s just leave it.”
“But, promise me my friend will live.” She wiped her tears.
“Hmmn.. I don’t.. Alright, I do.” She sighed.
“Your reply was somehow. Be sincere, be truthful.”
“I think I have to get the Urologists and Nephrologists now, time is not our friend.” She stood quickly.
“Alright, what of the donor?”
“You should be able to donate. Kidney transplanting is a very serious surgery, any slight mistake might lead to something disastrous. So, we have to run series of tests on you. Your blood sugar, blood group and others. So, let’s keep our fingers crossed, let me get the surgeons informed.”
“Alright, let me get Richard and anything that would be needed.” Stephanie rushed out.