Pills N Potions” Season 2 Episode 8


From this, Ama’s motive was clear; her affair with Appaih was purely for vengeance.
“What? Appiah really did that? Danny who was so shocked asked Ama. He saw the tears in Ama’s eyes and immediately knew that she was really hurt.
“That’s not all, your wife is not who you think she is Danny” Ama went on.
“What are you saying? Do you know my wife more than I do? Danny asked. He got furious with where the conversation was driving at.
“It’s such a pity, you have always thought that Ismael was born prematurely but he wasn’t. Helena was two months pregnant before you two got married. “Ama revealed.
“Are you saying Ishmael is not my son, Ama? Danny asked.
Meanwhile, Appiah was thinking of his next move, He wanted money from Helena again. Their relationship was not really an emotional one. It was purely sexual motivated one.
It all began when Danny stood Helena up at a pub due to flat tire. Already, Appiah on the other hand was monitoring them from a distance and as soon as he noticed Danny had stood Helena up, He showed up at the pub as the good guy.
Somehow he engaged Helena in a conversation at the pub and kept her company. Helena eventually got very drunk however she wasn’t really bothered because she thought she was in safe hands thus Danny’s brother.
Appiah took advantage of that moment and slept with her in a hotel that night. That was the night she broke her chastity promise she had made with Dede her best friend back in the days were they were together, that was the night that she broke her virginity and Ishmael was then conceived.
Ever since that moment, one thing led to the other and Helena became sexually addicted to Appiah yet was in love with Danny. Her weakness of losing her virginity to Appiah made her vulnerable.
She found herself under the spell of Appiah that even when Appiah ask her of huge amount of money; she will go to the extreme of granting his wish.
As she was in that state, she also feared of losing her husband Danny and this made her very jealous and insecure. She nags all the time and became very possessive.
Danny also couldn’t read the signs. To Danny he felt that Helena was acting out of depression and perhaps frustration she is going through as a House wife. Things became worse when she started accusing Danny of cheating.
In a null shell, Helena may have made certain mistakes but in the end she was just woman who needed help and not condemnation.
Appiah began calling Helena on her phone little did he know that she was with Dede by then.
Back at Dede’s house, Helena began revealing all she had been through with Danny to Dede.
“I couldn’t keep my part of the promise as we planned. I broke it with this guy who is now virtually the father of my son. My husband doesn’t even know that he know that he is not the father. The worse thing is, am still addicted to this guy in as much as I know that he just using me” Helena begun telling her ordeal she was facing.
She couldn’t help it, she was weeping bitterly as she was disclosing all this information to Dede. Dede felt her pain and agony. She knew Helena very well, and could tell how regretful she was.
“Calm down my dear, we can work this out; I will talk to your husband and let’s hope that God will take charge of this.” Dede assured her.
“Dede, I can’t live a life like this anymore, I want to end this and be a happy woman as I used to be. Please call him now, let him come here and end this once and for all” Helena said.
“Are you sure about this, Helena, do you really want to do this now” Dede asked her.
“Dede, I really can’t wait any longer” Helena confirmed.
Meanwhile Ama was still battling it out with Danny. As much as Ama was so convincing, Danny didn’t believe the fact that he was not the father of Helena’s child.
Before Ama, could reveal who the father was, Dede’s phone call interrupted the conversation.
Dede requested that Danny should come to her place immediately. Danny didn’t hesitate; he intended to go her place.
“Ama, can we continue this some other time, it’s too much for me to take. I have to go somewhere” Danny said and immediately walked out on Ama.
In no time, Danny got to Dede’s house only to find her wife’s face buried in her hands weeping.
“What is going on here” Danny who was shocked to see his wife at Dede’s end asked.
Before Dede could even answer him, the doorbell rang. Dede quickly excused them and went to check on the door.
Perfect timing, It was Appiah.
After calling Helena on phone several times yet to no avail, he came to Dede’s place with intention of coming for money since Helena was not reachable at that moment , little did he know that he has just landed in the lion’s den.
To Be Continued Tomorrow.