Pills N Potions” Season 2 Episode 7


They were not just best friends but they were very supportive of each other beyond imagination. On the contrary, Helena and Dede were even close to each other than Dede was with her sister Rapha.
“What!! Dede is that you? I can’t believe this, is this really you” Helena asked.
Dede couldn’t hold it anymore, she embraced her tightly.
“Come in, I miss you so much” Dede said.
Because of their reunion, they forgot the motive of the meeting. They were soo happy to see each other again.
“Are you the same Helena, I spoke to” Dede asked.
“I can’t believe this whole thing, I am the one Dede, Danny’s wife” Helena confirmed.
“Dede where have you been all this while after you left Kumasi, I didn’t hear from you again” Helena asked
“Things became difficult for me so I had to change my number then I met this guy, who actually made me happy with his love until I found out that he was cheating on me” Dede started telling her everything she had been through.
“I hope you haven’t broken our chastity promise we made to each other” Helena asked.
“Helena, I’m still a virgin” Dede said
“Good, then I guess this guy must be very understanding” Helena assumed.
“That’s what I thought, but you married now to Danny, I hope you also kept your promise” Dede asked.
Helena and Dede never lied to each other and she (Helena) was not ready to lie to her.
“Hmm Dede, I couldn’t, I didn’t know what happened to me, I’m change person now. Have been bad Dede and I’m in a situation which seems too late to be corrected ” Helena confessed.
“What happened dear, it’s not too late, we can fix things up” Dede said
“I will but tell me, are you really dating my husband as I thought? Now that I know it’s you, I have my doubts” Helena asked.
“Helena, I can’t do such a thing, he told me a lot about what is going in his marriage. I guess this is the best time to talk to me as your sister. We can figure things out Helena” Dede said.
While they were still chatting Ama was on the other with Danny at the restaurant.
“I believe this is the time for you to tell me what is really going on with my brother” Danny said.
“Ok let me do proper introduction to you. I know it has been long time but am sure you remember Gloria your ex? Ama asked.
“Of cause I do, everything was perfect between us until my brother came along, How do you know her by the way” Danny asked.
“Hmm, She died last year” Ama revealed.
“What, Gloria is dead? What happened to her” Danny asked
“Suicide Danny, she committed suicide out of disappointment and heart break” Ama said with tears in her eyes.
You could tell that she was really hurt by this.
“Gloria is my biological sister and your brother broke her heart when she needed him most. He just jilted and abandoned her . She couldn’t bare it, than to commit suicide “ Ama said.
“Oh no, you mean Gloria was your sister, she always spoke about you but we didn’t get the chance to meet. But how can you blame Appiah for this” Danny asked.
“You still don’t get it do you? This is a note she wrote before she committed suicide. Apparently, Appiah and Gloria were about getting married in a court but Appiah never showed up only to get a text message from him that their relationship was mere fun” Ama revealed.
From this, Ama’s motive was clear, her affair with Appaih was purely for vengeance.
To be continued tonight.