“Pills N Potions” season 1 episode 9


Before he could take a sip of the coffee that was served before him, the lady he had been waiting for showed up. It was Helena, Appiah’s brother’s wife.
She sat down and placed her hand bag beside her.
“Sorry for keeping you waiting, I had family matters that I had to attend to,” Helena apologized.
“No problem, I haven’t been here for long though” said Appiah.
“Have you seen your brother lately? He hasn’t been home for the past two days. Do you by any chance know his where about?” asked Helena
Appiah was astonished for her to be asking such a question. “I’m the last person you should be asking the where about of your husband” Appiah said. “Anyway, the last time I saw him, he was around my girlfriend. I’m not so sure of their relationship” he continued.
“You have a girlfriend? Appiah, and you are bold enough to tell me this” Helena said.
“You haven’t been around lately, besides we needed a decoy” he said.
“I don’t think that’s actually your plan. It seems you’re jealous Appiah” Said Helena.
“Helena, that should be my own problem. I am running late for work. Already my job is on the line. Let’s be quick please. Did you bring it? Appiah asked.
What was between these two? Their conversation is really suspicious and very vague. It was not clear of the relationship between Appiah and Helena.
“That’s all you think about right? Anyway, I have it here” Helena said taking an undisclosed amount of money in her hand bag. She handed it over to him. Appiah then counted the money. It appeared that it wasn’t the total amount that he was expecting.
“This is half of the amount you are to give me Helena. I need all the money intact” said Appiah looking anxious.
“Don’t try to be a smart boy. You know where to meet me tonight. Show up, then the rest will be given to you. It’s as simple as that” said Helena.
Having said this, she took her colorful hand bag, blew him a kiss and left him behind at the restaurant. Shortly afterwards, Appiah followed and set off to his work place.
He was not sure of what he is going to face at the office. This made him very nervous. What explanation is he going to give Joe the Manager to save his job? His threat was very clear and that got him thinking. The worse of it all was how Ama will handle this issue.
Back at Dede’s apartment, as surprised as she was to see Danny at her door step, she openly welcomed him to her abode. To Danny, it was a dream come true. He came looking for Appiah to help him find Dede, but destiny had brought him back to Dede without having to go through Appiah.
“I’m very glad to find you here. I was actually after you so I decided to seek the help of Appiah, perhaps he could help me locate you,” said Danny.
“Oh that’s so thoughtful of you. Was he the one who directed you here? Dede asked.
“Nope, I met his absence at his place this morning and upon asking I was told I will find him here. I thank God I came to find exactly what I was looking for” said Danny.
“Hmm I see. I have two questions for you Danny. How do you know Appiah? Dede asked.
“I see, he hasn’t told you anything” Danny said.
“Yeah, except that you are happily married with a kid” Dede said.
Danny wasn’t surprised to hear that from her.
“Yeah that’s true. I’m not surprised to hear that. I was very pretty sure that he will be quick in doing that anyway. He is right; I’m married with a son yet with happiness- that’s something I’m not so sure about. Hey come to think of it, why are you in black outfit?”
Dede suddenly felt down with the question that came from Danny. He then went closer to her when he noticed her reaction.
“What is wrong with Dede? Is something wrong her?” he asked.
“It’s my sister, she is gone.” Dede said.
“I’m so sorry Dede. God gives and God takes. I can assure you that she is resting in peace,” Danny said, trying to console her.
“Thank you Danny, she was all I had you know? Dede said as her eyes became teary.
“I’m sorry ok. Do you have any picture of her?” Danny asked.
“Yeah, that’s her personal album on the table there” Dede said.
Danny went to the table and took the album. He then opened and instantly his face dropped, full of shock and surprise.
“Is that not Rapha? Your sister? Danny anxiously asked.
“Yeah, Do you know her too? Dede asked.
Unfortunately, Danny was Rapha’s first love, the guy who broke her virginity on her birthday and yet broke up with her.
To be Continued Tonight.


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