“Pills N Potions” season 1 episode 3


“It’s as simple as that. I’m sure you’re matured enough to read between the lines. What were you thinking of when i said she made extreme sacrifices? Young man, you either keep your distance or you forget about this job” the manager said.
Appiah had the impression that Dede had intimately gotten involved with the manager. This made him jealous that he couldn’t even settle the mess he had already put Dede through.
To Dede’s surprise, Appiah didn’t even talk to her as she had expected. He didn’t even apologize for what happened but rather ignored her.
This continued for two days. Dede didn’t feel comfortable about it. She needed her guy back. She loved him so much even after what he had done.
On one occasion, during lunch, Dede decided to confront him.
” Appiah, i want us to talk” Dede said
“About what Dede? Tell me? Appiah asked.
“Why are you doing this? Appiah, am I the one to blame after sleeping with my own sister” Dede said.
“Oh yes, i did. I:m sorry about that yeah, but two wrongs do make a right” Appiah said.
“What wrongs Appiah? What are you talking about? Dede asked.
All of a sudden their conversation was interrupted when Ama the secretary to the resource manager showed up.
“Appiah,I have been waiting for long. Lunch will soon be over” Ama said interrupting the conversation.
Appiah didn’t give Dede the listening ear. He just walked out on he.
Something fishy was going on. From the look of things, Appiah and Ama have been getting along very well within the shortest time Appiah got employed.
Dede knew Appiah couldn’t be trusted around Ama. She knows him and knows what he is capable of doing.
This only worsened her plight as she begun thinking more of Appiah’s attitude.
She really loved him, and aside Appiah’s cheating life, he has really been caring and loving.
In times like this, just to protect the relationship, she tries to take the blame even though it was obvious that she was not at fault.
Dede was just willing to give Appiah some time for him to come around.
Days went by and Appiah indeed kept his distance from Dede. Dede  was just waiting for Appiah to approach her.
She had even forgiven Rapha and with time, they were also getting along, little did she know that Rapha was carrying Appiah’s child.
The waiting became too long for Dede. She decided to surprise him with gifts. She bought something she knew Appiah loved so much. She packaged it nicely and went to place it on his front desk in the absence of him.
Appiah came back to meet the package on his desk, however, he thought the gift was from Ama. It never occurred to him that Dede will do such a thing.
Without asking Ama or even Dede, he promised to take Ama out for dinner right after work. Again, Dede felt her effort was in vain.
She was giving up on Appiah. It was obvious Appiah and Ama had something going on.
Dede couldn’t control herself. She kept thinking and weeping for something that was not worth it.
Was it wrong to sacrifice so much for the one she loved? Probably, love was not her portion.
These among others kept running through her mind that it even began affecting her productivity level at work.
She needed a break. She thought of staying away from the site of Appiah till she completely gets over him. This influenced her to seek for a leave at work.
Fortunately for her, it was granted in no time. She wanted to use this opportunity to turn on a new page in her life and put Appiah behind her.
The last working day before she proceeded on leave, Dede wanted to leave the cashier quarters quick before Appiah would see her.
She took her hand bag and without saying a word to anyone, she just left the workplace and headed home.
Unfortunately for her, Dede got knocked down by a private car when she was trying to cross the road.
To be continued tomorrow.


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