“My Wife And I …” season 1 episode 12


“Nora, dear.
” He sent to her as his heart almost skipped a beat. He felt as if he was facing a big challenge as he sent her the message.
He started counting, Nora didn’t reply him. It was ten minutes already and he could still see her online. “She’s annoyed!” He concluded.
** ** **
Nora had forgotten she had her Whatsapp on. She had been trying to get the account for the company’s last month expenses right. This had been giving her a problem because it seemed a file was missing. She had visited the managing director and Secretary severally for them to check their desks if the file she had been searching for weren‟t with them.
Just as she returned back to her seat that minute, she saw the file on her table. She chortled as she clapped her hands together, wondering what miracle that just happened. She never knew it was on her table and she had been going up and down, searching for the file. That had gotten her attention for fourty five minutes that she had forgotten she was online. She just finished balancing the balance and got set to leave.
She picked up her phone and dropped it inside her bag. She was really tired already, searching for a file, rushing back home.
As she stepped out to enter into her car, she saw Alex again. What is Alex doing here? She wondered as she tried to rush into her own car before he would see her. Just then, she heard her name.
“Nora.” Alex called her. He caused this problem I’m going through now. She had thought as he looked at the back and saw him. He was dressed in a light-green buttoned down shirt, tucked into his black loose-fitted trouser. He wasn’t using a necktie, his hair was well combed and he looked handsome in his polished black pair of shoes.
“Good day.” She just waved.
“Me? Good day? Are you trying to run away from me?” Alex demanded to know.
“Alex, see..” she raised her hand to show him her wedding ring.
“I’m married and I wouldn’t want a situation trouble would loom.”
“It’s Alex, Nora. I’m just trying to greet you.”
“Okay, well enough Alex. We’ve greeted, haven’t we?”
“Not in the right way. I’m sorry about what happened the previous day, because of that, I couldn’t get your mobile number.”
“What do you want to do with my mobile number? I told you I’m married now and I guess you must be engaged too, Alex.”
“Forget engagement! Just give me your mobile phone number.”
“I’m sorry bro, I have to go.” She hopped into her car and drove out of the company.
I’m now a bro? Alex had thought as he rushed to his own vehicle. I’ll follow you anywhere today!
** ** **
“Even if you are angry, Nora, you have to forgive me today!” Daniel muttered as he grinned out of the plaza. He had bought Nora several gifts and had bought chicken and chips for their consumption too. He had been imagining that it would be great, that day. He dropped everything he bought at the back seat of his car and drove out of the plaza, rushing home. He felt his thoughts had ignited strength in him and would do everything to end the problem between him and his wife.
** ** **