“My Wife And I …” season 1 episode 11


Nora rushed back home to tidy up the house. It was lunch time, she had forgotten she had to remove the bed spread for washing. To her, she still didn’t know how she got to the room too, maybe a miracle just happened. But, is Daniel aware of this? She wondered as she took off the bed cover. She wasn’t sure. She had been racking her memory to remember everything that happened last night, but couldn’t remember anything. She had never taken alcohol, maybe the influence of the first time she took it disorganized her system that she hardly could tell what happened at all.
She was the accountant of Mandy and Sons Limited, active and calm to all the members of staff of the company. She had never thought her marriage would turn out to be how it already was, Alex and Gloria caused this! She hit her fists together as she remembered the scene of that day again. She had thirty minutes to conclude her washing and rush back to the office. She had been thinking of what to do, but nothing was forthcoming.
** ** **
I’m a man! Sure, why have I been dulling things for too long? Why? I ought to have taken that bold step to talk to Nora! Who even knows if she’s been feeling the same way I’m feeling? Who knows if she was not even annoyed that day? At least, we both made the same mistake, we both saw other counterparts and ran into them instantly. She should be able to forgive me, even if I had made that mistake. God, this minute, I want to use it to ask for nothing more than suffering, afflictions, problems and hindrance, help me just pour that four on Stephanie’s road! Now, she’s calling me again, why? What the hell is wrong with her? I told her and she saw for herself that I’m a married man! I think Martins caused this and should be the one to eventually settle this! I really don’t know where she got my mobile number, why would she keep disturbing me? Why! Hmmn.. Maybe before I get home, I’ll try to send Nora a Whatsapp message, or probably ping her.
** ** **
Daniel picked up his mobile phone and opened his Whatsapp chats. He could see the chat between himself and Nora stopped quite long back. He chuckled as he was about sending her the whatsapp message. As he could see vividly, Nora was online and prayed she replied his message instantly.
“Nora, dear.”
He sent to her as his heart almost skipped a beat. He felt as if he was facing a big challenge as he sent her the message.