“Pills N Potions” season 1 episode 11


“You think you can be smart Appiah. I’m not just any girl you toil around with like you do with other ladies. Now tell me, are you the father of Ishmael?” Ama asked.
Appiah was shocked with the question Ama asked.
“Answer me! Are you the father of Ismael?” Ama asked him again.
“How do you know about this, Ama?” Appiah asked.
“Typical Ghanaian. You answer a question with a question. I don’t care about the answer you give me though. I already know the truth so listen, there is something you should know about me. I’m very possessive, sharing is not my thing. Tell Dede to back off,” Ama said and walked out on him at his office.
Appiah knew instantly that he just messed with a wounded lion. As quiet as Ama was, she was unpredictable; In fact, she was capable of doing anything. She was not ready to let him go no matter how Appiah cheated on him. Ama was a typical, possessive woman who just doesn’t give up on anything.
Perhaps, this was a wrong move for Appiah. When she has something in her possession, she can do the unthinkable just to keep that thing as long as she wants it. Ama grew up in a home where everything was at her disposal. She never lacked anything until her father was arrested for fraud.
As a result of this, their entire assets were seized by the government leaving them with nothing. She never grew up lacking anything and this has eventually become part and parcel of her. When she needs something, she gets it no matter what she has to do and when she has it, she isn’t ready to let go until she is done with it.
Appiah must be ready to face whatever may come his way as soon as he got himself involved with Ama.
Danny was still in Dede’s house keeping her company and all the time they kept talking about Dede and her past. Through their conversation, Dede mentioned how she loved Appiah so much. However, she refused to mention any thing about Appiah’s cheating habit.
She was just not ready to wash her dirty clothes outside. Appiah was her own mess that she needed to clean up herself, besides this was the second time she had met Danny. It wouldn’t be wise for her to tell him all about her relationship.
“Dede, tell me, what was troubling you when I carelessly knocked you down with my car? Danny asked. He was curious to know. Somehow he suspected that , Appiah was involved with this.
Dede was not ready to answer that. However, there was no way she could escape from it. She resulted into lying to him.
“Just had an issue at my work place but thank God it’s all under control” she said.
“I’m glad to hear that,” Danny said.
“How long have you been married Danny?” Dede asked. It was surprising how Dede was really particular and concerned about Danny’s marital life.
“Two years now. I have a three years old son. As much as people say she looks a lot like her mother which I totally disagree with them, he has a lot of my character traits,” Danny said. His statement got Dede smiling.
“Your wife must be really lucky; I would love to meet her” Dede said.
“Why not, I’m just hoping to get our issues fixed,” Danny said. He was really looking hurt when these words came out of him. You could tell from the look of things that he was really going through hell. Dede noticed it. She knew Danny needed help.
“Do you want to talk about it?” Dede asked.
Without answering her, Danny just began pouring his heart out. He needed a listening ear.
“I love my wife so much. She was an Angel when I met her. Everything changed 6 months after our wedding when I accused her of cheating on me. It was on bases of a flirty message I saw on her phone. I guess I may be insecure; I should have given her time to explain herself. I kept accusing her for days. I was so hurt by what I saw but eventually I learnt to live with it and forgive her.
Ever since, she has been so doubtful and curious of what I do and where I go but I have always been honest with her. My life is predictable and I live by the same schedule every single day. From work to lunch, from lunch to work then later I go home. This is me, I don’t do anything else.
She all the time accuses me of cheating because I sometimes come home late, even to the extent of disrespecting and yelling at me in front of my own kid. Can you believe this, for the past 48hrs I haven’t been at home? I have been sleeping at work because I don’t even feel welcomed in my own house? ” Danny asked.
Dede noticed the sincerity in his eyes and couldn’t help but feel pity for him. Time was far spent. It was getting late; they talked without even noticing it.
Meanwhile, work was over and Appiah made his way to a guest house where he was scheduled to meet Helena later that night. That was one of their hide out.
Appiah already knew the room number where Helena will be waiting. He went straight to the room and opened the door. Helena was in the shower by then with her dress lying on the bed.
“Perfect moment for a romantic shower,” Appiah said to himself. He got undressed and quietly joined Helena at the shower. She was delighted that Appiah had joined her. Appiah stood behind her and began kissing her neck. He slided his hands towards her breast and began fondling them.
Her body was covered with soapy foams making her body slippery. This gave her an unusual sexual feeling yet very enjoyable. From behind, she could feel his harden manhood. She needed it on the bed. She turned and faced him and eventually started kissing him on the lips.
While Kissing, they got out of the shower completely naked only to find out Ama was seated on the bed waiting patiently for them.