“My Wife And I …” season 2 episode 8


David dropped down from his vehicle and raised his head up, reading the bold letters of the company?s name; MAVERICK COMPANIES. He beamed as he tucked his hands in his pocket and dropped his head down, checking his pair of well-polished black shoes. One mistake he knew he made was that he didn?t get Gloria?s mobile number before he left the other day. Anyways, he collected her church address and didn?t know when they?d be having service.
“She should be able to take lunch with me.” He had thought as he took his first step into the company with a smile. Thank God he came at the right time, it was during the break of the company.
“Hey!” He grinned as he saw her on seat, punching on some buttons on her handheld. Gloria raised her head and saw him.
“Wow!” She grinned too.
“Good afternoon, Mr David.” David chuckled.
“How are you doing?” He asked.
“I?m great as usual, and you?” She asked.
“Enjoying God!” He winked with a flash of grin.
“I never knew you?d come around. We are on break presently, would you like to wait for the boss for one hour?”
“Ohh.. so bad of me! Please sit down.” She quickly said as she showed him to a seat. David grinned again as he sat down.
“I didn?t come for the boss, Gloria.” He didn?t come for the boss, so who? She wondered.
“Really?” She widened her eyes.
“Sure. I came to invite you to lunch with me, so you can tell me more about God, your Church and most especially how I can contact you when I need help.”
“Help? From me?” She questioned.
“About my spiritual life.” He replied.
“What about your spiritual life?”
“I need you to recommend books and… you know?” He shrugged. Gloria chuckled.
“It is very simple, Sir. You can pick up your Bible and the Holy Spirit will
speak to you, I don?t have anything to add.”
“Hmmn…” He cleared his throat and scratched his head.
“Just to help me.” Gloria smiled.
“Alright, no problem.”
“So can you follow me to that eatery where we can take lunch, so you can discuss with me a bit?” David said, thinking in his heart that he had a great approach of cajoling. Gloria just curved her lips into a faint smile, she liked him at least. She had been wondering how she could preach to a soul and he accepted Jesus that same day. But I hope it?s not too early? She had wondered in her heart, thinking if it wouldn?t be early for her to start following David. Though, he was already converted and it seemed he wanted to know more about the saviour he just gave his life to.
“Alright..” She drawled, putting on the expression as if she was just going
because she had to recommend books and preach to him. She was already slipping into the ocean of love too.
“Thanks, God bless you.” David said smiling. Gloria also gave a warm smile as she grabbed her handbag.
** ** **
Nora froze at the same spot immediately she heard Alex?s blusterous voice. Alex never slept? She had thought within herself as she still stood at the point as if the voice was like an adhesive that had tied her down. As she stood, millions of thoughts ran through her troubled mind. She was fed up and didn?t even know what next she was meant to do.
“I only made you go through a test to know if truly you want me, but now I see that you are ready to run away and expose me, right?” Nora turned around and looked at him with her swollen and oily face.
“You are crazy, Alex!” She exclaimed.
“That?s because of the strong love I have for you, Nora. No other guy can ever love you this way! Not even Daniel!” Nora gave a soft chuckle as she moved her wrists by her waist, standing akimbo.
“Yes, I am a hundred percent sure that Daniel can never love me this way.” She said as she took a slight pause.
“What did I say? Good you even know!”
“Only a daft person won?t know my husband can never raise his hands on me! You are an animal, just in human form, Alex. I never knew you could change this much!” Alex became umbrageous again as he arose from the mattress.
** ** **
to be continued