“Pills N Potions” season 1 episode 10


Unfortunately Danny was Rapha’s first love, the guy who broke her virginity on her birthday and yet broke up with her on that very day. A mistake he did that he ever regretted doing.
He was at the wrong place, at the wrong time. He had no option than to commit himself into a relationship which he taught will be a successful one, only to find out at the end that it wasn’t what he was looking for. He was just not in love.
Danny believed that perhaps love would grow eventually but it was a complete failure, even sex could not make him fall in love with Rapha.
He then had no option than to back out rather than deceiving himself. He was being honest and truthful to himself irrespective of the sexual intercourse he had with Rapha.
Of course, this was difficult for Rapha to take however that was the only way out. Even before they broke up, Danny had actually being honest with her that his feeling s for her was mere illusion. Rapha knew what he was driving into yet gathered hope that someday Danny may fall for her.
It was out of desperation, that she eventually persuaded Danny into breaking her virginity thinking her sacrifice would rewarded with Danny’s love, little did she know that SEX DON’T MAKE LOVE, LOVE NATURALLY HAPPENS. Danny however was led on by her act yet he regretted for not being able to resist her.
Dede could tell from the face of Danny that he was hiding something. It was so obvious and clear that they knew each other and this gave her more reason to find out more about Danny.
“Danny, how do you know my sister? Dede anxiously asked.
“I think we wait till the burial is over, then we can talk “Danny said. He knew that Dede would find it difficult to believe him, now that he is trying to develop a cordial relationship with her.
Meanwhile, Appiah had arrived at his workplace after his meeting with Helena. He reported straight to Joe’s office.
“I see you came too early today” Joe said.
“I’m impressed though, that’s a sign of a good worker” He continued.
“Thank you Sir” Said Appiah. He knew that there was more to his complement, however he had no option than to keep calm and dance to his tune. If he dares react, knowing very well of his condition, it will be at his own detriment.
“Now Appiah, what were you doing at Dede’s end? He asked.
Appiah kept mute. He didn’t’ know what to say or the answer to give him.
“I asked you a question, Mr. Appiah” He said.
“Sir, I couldn’t leave her all by herself knowing very well of her condition. She is bereaved and definitely needed someone beside her to at least console her. Sir, am sorry but that’s the least I could I do” Appiah finally answered.
“How caring of you. Am so sure she appreciate your effort a lot.” said Joe, mocking him.
His complements drive Appiah crazy. He couldn’t bare it anymore. He knew where this was going. He then began pleading knowing well Joe will eventually arrive at that.
“Sir, please, don’t fire me, It won’t happen again” Appiah pleaded.
“Oh No Appiah, am not going to fire you, but this is your last chance to save your job. Trust me, the next time, a single rumor will get you fired. Get out of my office” Joe said.
Appiah with a sign of relief wasted no time at the office, he quickly went out and went straight to his own office where all along Ama was there waiting for him.
Just as he thought he had finished, He had to cook up another explanation to calm furious looking Ama down. Indeed it’s wasn’t an easy confrontation. Ama was one hell of a girl who had issues in controlling her temper.
At this moment, it was clear that Appiah had a relationship with Ama. Not just a relationship but an intimate one. Appiah felt that his only way to calm Ama down was put the ring he had on him on her finger. The very same ring he had wanted to give to Dede.
Suddenly he knelt down before her and brought the ring out of her pocket and said the magic words
“Ama, will you marry me? He asked.
Out of nowhere, Ama slapped off the ring from his hand to the floor.
“You think, you can be smart Appiah, am not just any girl you can toil around with like you do with the other girls. Now tell me, Are you the father to Ishmael?
To continued