“My Wife And I …” season 2 episode 7


Her eyes were as red as the blaze of fire. No other proof could show that she had been on the soft bed, crying overnight. She was not after her problems but after Daniel. She had often questioned herself, wondering if he was really dead If only she could get a quick and correct response that he was alive, her mind would be at rest. Why would disaster strike at the time the two began to get along?
Her heart hadn?t stopped saying prayers for Daniel as she laid on the bed. It had been hours that she?s been on the spot without blinking an eyelid. She had shouted Alex?s name continuously but it seemed the criminal was not around. Where could he have gone overnight? Who could tell if he was around and was just pretending to be absent? She could feel pain all over herself, Alex was really a bastard!
Daniel?s parents and siblings walked into the Hospital slowly, their eyes;
darting round the reception as they shuffled to a seat.
“Let?s go on ahead to see the Doctor.” Daniel?s mother told the frustrated man on seat. His ears still couldn?t believe that Daniel was really gone, he really wished to see the corpse of his son before giving up on him.
The two went on ahead as they left Tonia and her brother on seat, telling them they?d be right back. As they walked on, Daniel?s mother drifted closer to the father and they began to discuss. Soon, they got to the Doctor?s office and knocked softly. The two walked inside the office immediately they got the go-ahead to come inside.
“How are you doing, Doctor?” Dan?s father enquired as he sat down.
“Good day, Sir.” The Doctor stood up as he protracted his hand for handshake.
“Good day, Doctor. What of my son?” The man quickly asked. The Doctor hurtled a gaze at Dan?s mother, probably wondering maybe she hadn?t told the man that Daniel was gone already. He raised his brows and his shoulders together.
“Your son, Sir….” The Doctor paused. He wanted to continue but it was obvious that he didn?t know what really he was meant to say that minute. He looked at Daniel?s mother and back to the man who just questioned him.
“Can you show me my son?s corpse?” He asked.
“Urgh… em.. as a Doctor, Sir, I think you shouldn?t see that type of thing this moment..” He hardly finished the sentence before glimpsing at Dan?s mother again, raising his brows. Daniel?s mother cleared her throat.
“See, we don?t need all this! If you go on ahead to see his corpse now, it will cause you nothing but more trouble. Do you want me to start crying again?” The man burst into tears.
“So my Daniel is really gone? And you said I shouldn?t involve the police? Did you just say that? I must get to the root of this matter! I must get whosoever killed my son and took his wife away! I will! He exclaimed. The Doctor let out air from his nostrils forcefully as he sat down.
“Please Sir, could you please sit and listen to what I wish to tell you, Sir. It might calm your spirit and make you know that we need no vengeance presently.”
“WE?” He repeated as he sat slowly.
“When did you become a member of my family?”
“Please, Sir. Could you just listen to me?”
“Okay, speak on..” He sniffled as he wiped his face.
Alex flipped the door open as he gazed at Nora.
“My dear.” He walked in, unbalanced and dirty. Nora sat up. He looked like a fellow who was drunk. Could he have gone to a bar? She wondered. But that was of little concern, if he was really drunk, she was ready to take the risk involved in running away from him that day.
“Won?t you speak to me?” Nora looked at him with pity and disgust. She was only pitying him for how he would look after he would be caught with his fellow evil doers, she wondered how a person could be so heartless and at the end expecting her to marry him. It sounded so stupid to her. She smiled.
“Welcome sweetheart, I have been longing to see you.” She said.
“Really? I?m back now and I?m all yours.” He grinned. He threw himself on the mattress, as Nora glimpsed at the door. It wasn?t locked. He might still be under the influence of the alcohol.
“Where did you go to? I missed you.”
“I only went to play with my friends, I?m back now.” He replied slowly. He had laid on the bed and his two eyes were closing up .
“Should I help you cook something?” She asked him.
to be continued