In today’s episode,
Martin and Veronica in their separate rooms begin to think about the love they once shared and  though Martin thinks he needs Veronica back, Veronica thinks there’s no more chance for Martin again.
Immediately, Martin left from the shore to the city, Veronica arrives there and seeming so worried and contemplating on many things, Father Juan arrives to ask her how things are going on between her and Martin and she answers him that she has asked Martin for divorce but he advices her to calm down and when she comes out of her anger then she can actually say whether she actually needs divorce or not. So veronica accepts to give it a thought but can’t promise Father anything.
Crescencio comes out of his operation very successful and no longer in danger and every fear he had within him has vanished. Seeing that the doctor has now confirmed that he can live longer, he asks Botel again to give him back the will he gave to him to give to Ana Perla since no one has to know anything yet as he now knows that he’s not going to die soon.
Nanciyaga agrees to take Emiliano to their community but before doing so she has to do a purification rite for him to get alcohol and resentment from his heart before taking him to the community officially to be accepted. So she asks Emiliano to go naked so she can wash him thoroughly and though it was a difficult task for him but since he is willing to study so many things from their community, he agrees.
Veronica insists that Manuel takes her to see Ana Perla and to release her from her confinement, so he takes her to see her but before opening the store room for her to come out to meet Veronica, Manuel threatens her that, if she dares disclose to Veronica that he locked her up, he is going to even make things more miserable for her and Ana accepts that she is going to comply. So, Manuel takes her out to meet Veronica and Veronica asks her to tell her every bit of truth about the rumors she’s being hearing that her brother locked her up so she can help her out but Ana denies that she only decided not to go out since that was her grandfather’s order and not necessarily that she’s been locked up but Veronica could feel that she’s been threatened but there is nothing she can do since Ana denies it.
Blanca and Polo goes to speak with Ana Perla through the back door and after a while Blanca asks Polo to wait for her while she goes inside to ease herself and she again tells him that if he sees Manuel he has to run and hide but unfortunately Manuel arrives right after Blanca entered the house and he threatens Polo to disclose to him if Blanca has gone inside but since Polo resisted, Manuel scared him with so many words like going to take his dog for betting then after, take him also to the orphanage. This scared Polo very much and he run away and Manuel also goes after them and they run away to mina Escondida but when they couldn’t get any boat to go, he decides to hide in the forest area to escape from the wrath of Manuel to hide and Manuel enjoys his act.
Manuel goes to Pueblo Nuevo to warn Teo not to try getting closer to his cousin Blanca if not he would have him to contend with because he doesn’t want any of the women in his family  to end up like that crazy Veronica but Dussage defended Veronica as a very decent woman and therefore Manuel has no right to even speak that way of her. He then walks out on Manuel. All this while, Virginia overhears them since she was sitting there and right after Dussage left, she goes to see Manuel to interrogate him about his encounter with Veronica and Manuel lies to her that Veronica was flirting with him and she believes it as he said and through that Martin took him to prison. She then took the opportunity and asks him to tell her what he knows about Demetrio and after he tells her that he died because of a woman, she asks if the community knows that woman and Manuel tells her that no one knows that woman.
Blanca then goes with Teo to look for Polo but unfortunately no one knows his whereabouts and this brings pain to the household and loved ones so they all decide to help look for him.
Magdalene seeing how Veronica is suffering in trying to divorce Martin and since Martin is also a changed person now, she asks her to think things over to give Martin a second chance but Veronica still insists there is no more space within her heart for him because Martin will continue to destroy their marriage with his feeling of insecurity and that is not going to help.
Virginia writes a fax letter full of lies which paints Veronica and Emiliano very black suggesting that they come to pick them if not Emiliano will end up causing commotion for every one due to his drinking behavior as he’s even caused one for Veronica and her husband and she sends it to her Uncle and Aunt and with the help of Daniel they send it through fax.
As Nanciyaga continues to do the purification and rubbing her hands on Emiliano, their sentiments rises and they begin to kiss and caressing each other and it ends up in love making.
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