“My Wife And I …” season 2 episode 9


A month later…
It was already a month. Weeks had rolled into weeks and it was on Sunday morning. Tonia walked to her window and pulled the drapes to a side, wondering where Nora could be. At first, she had been thinking that Nora flee when Daniel was shot, but there is something that still looked confusing in the matter that made her parents finalized that she should return to Nigeria and search for Nora by all means.
Daniel’s family moved to America, the following day they met with the Doctor. They have been there for weeks but it seemed something unusual was showing forth that made the family finalized that Tonia should come and try all she could so as to get Nora and probably bring her to America too. Who knows if she even ran away or if she was taken away by those who shot Daniel? Now, no one to shed more light, not even Daniel! You can never understand him! How do I start my investigation now?
She wondered as she let out air from her nostrils and sat on the soft bed. The rays of the sun entered into the big room where she was. She didn?t like how dark it was earlier, the electric power had been taken and she had no choice but to open the window. She sighed again as she laid on the mattress this time. She knew her mother could call her any moment and ask if she had seen Nora at all. She just returned the day before and had been called severally as if she knew where she was.
“God, please help me, help Nora wherever she is and that Daniel! I’m tired of crying and searching all around.” She mumbled.
** ** **
Even though it was a month already, Nora was still in the room locked up. She had been trying her best to hold her head up, if not, she would have killed herself long back. She had cried that she felt she had no tear left in her eyes any longer. Her faith that she had tried to keep up had gradually degraded that she already had it in mind that Daniel was really gone. Sometimes, it would look like a dream to her whenever she remembered Daniel was really gone. She had also refused to give her body to Alex, neither her heart, which had resulted into different maltreatments.
She was on the bed, still thinking when she felt a change in her system suddenly and rushed to her feet. She had been feeling feverish for some days, but there was no one to tell that to. She picked a race to the bathroom as she went to vomit. She hoped it was only fever and nothing more.
** ** **
DAVID prayed his mind would just be inured to Gloria?s love as they were going on. He had started feeling some unusual feelings deep inside him as the two had been together discussing. Even though they were talking about God?s word, he didn?t feel bored as the gospel did dull his spirit before. He was short of words, not knowing what exactly to say to Gloria again and didn?t want them to part ways that minute. He was feeling some sweet sensations as both were just discussing together.
“What other thing do you think a man can do to his enemy? I mean another thing one can do to someone who?s not good?” It wasn?t as if he didn?t know the answer to the question he had asked, he only wanted them to keep discussing. Gloria just chuckled.
“Em.. I am quite sure you know the answer to this question you are asking me, Mr. David.” Gloria said. David smiled.
“If I tell you I know nothing, I?m just lying. I only want to know more, at least it is not a sin to keep knowing more, is it?”
“It is not good to keep malice. It is not good to have enemies. It is good to
always settle disputes between you and whoever you think you are not in right terms with.” She paused for a while and continued.
“Always make sure you change everyone who needs a change.” She concluded. As soon as she completed her statement, her conscience pricked her instantly. She tilted her head and began to think of why her mind wasn?t at rest after she had spoken to David. Alex? She had asked herself as she wondered what had made her heart not to be at peace.
“Hmmn.. you inspire me…” David smiled. Gloria was already lost in thought as David was speaking. She had been searching her heart if she was not guilty of what she had just told David. I never cared to win his soul more than I did! I just left him. I think I should give this a trial again before I give up on him. God knows I have never given up on him, but I think God wants him to have a last chance.. she was soliloquizing to herself as David noticed she was far from their seat.
“Hello?” He called out as he waved his right hand. She quickly turned her face to his direction and smiled.
“Sorry, I was thinking about something.” She said. Dave, don?t dull! This is an opportunity to know more about her, give it a try! David had heard in his heart as he looked at her closely.
“Thinking about that guy, right?” He winked with a grin. Gloria chuckled.
“A guy? That is not me.” She said. Maybe she wasn’t even thinking about any guy. She must be a single lady, I am sure. It will be awkward if I just ask her that way… let me whine her more.
“Keep deceiving us, at least you will soon share the invitation card for the
wedding ceremony.” Gloria laughed.
“Honestly…” She was short of words.
** ** **
to be continued