"Pills N Potions" season 1 episode 1


Giving up on Appiah was never an option for Dede. As jobless as Appiah was, Dede never stopped supporting him. Honestly, they loved each other to the core but somehow, Appiah was always caught cheating.
That wasn’t the first or second time. He cheated all the time and almost everytime, Dede will find out. It became Appiah’s habit.
Aside all his imperfections, he loved Dede than any of the girls he has been flaunting around with. Dede on the other hand believed that, if love makes all things perfect, then there is hope for Appiah and herself .
They have been dating for three years now without getting intimate. They both agreed to maintain sex free relationship until they get married. From the positive side, it kept their relationship healthy and strong. Appiah’s cheating habit was what tore the relationship apart.
Dede felt Appiah was cheating on him because of sex but what confused her most was the fact that Appiah always respected her and her decision.
He never forced her, not even on a single occasion. During romance, they both knew when to stop in order to keep the ‘chastity’ promise.
There was this time that Dede couldn’t control herself but Appiah being a gentleman, found a way of taking her out of it.
This made Dede love him more, but the question was, if Appiah could control himself with over the one he loved most, why couldn’t he stop cheating?
Appiah graduated from the university with a second class upper, yet his luck on getting a job was not successful after his national service. He met Dede in a public transport where unfortunately for him, he had lost his wallet.
Dede was the one who came to his rescue by paying his fare for him. They right away exchanged numbers and their love lives began from there.
Dede was a cashier in a micro finance. She was good in her field of work. Due to that, she gained the love and respect from his superiors.
She however wanted to use this opportunity to recommend Appiah to her human resource manager into employing him. She gave up on that aspect when the human resource manager demanded for sexual intercourse before he grants her wish.
It came to a point that she had to sacrifice 40% of her salary for Appiah’s up keep since he had nothing on him. This was meant to support him financially.
Appiah’s conscience didn’t feel right about this. He felt he owed Dede for her kind gesture. The least he could do was to make Dede happy. However, the more he tried to stay faithful, the more he kept on cheating.
Apparently, Dede had a surprise for Appiah. The moment Appiah had been waiting for had finally arrived. Dede had gotten a job for Appiah at her work place as an accountant.
She couldn’t believe it until she saw the appointment letter. She was happy for Appiah and quickly set off from work to Appiah’s place to deliver the message.
Appiah getting a job as an accountant meant that he was joining Dede’s superiors in her chain of command. His salary was going to be 3 times higher than Dede’s.
It was just a breakthrough. She bought champagne from the supermarket just to celebrate the occasion. Upon arriving at Appiah’s apartment, there he was again cheating.
He was caught right in a middle of sex of with Rapha, Dede’s biological sister.
To be continued
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