“My Wife And I …” season 1 episode 10


It was 6;30am when Daniel opened his eyes and his eyes darted round the room. He could perceive Nora’s scent. Anyways, was that really important that minute? He had thought as he rushed up the bed. He felt something he couldn’t place his hand on had happened on him.
“What happened?” He wondered as he squinted his face. “This doesn’t matter, at least, I’m alive.” He smiled as he glimpsed at the wall clock, it was already 5 minutes to 7am. He had to leave the house before seven am, wouldn’t he get stuck in traffic? He wondered as he rushed to the bathroom to have his bath. As he stepped into the bathroom, his mind flipped back to what happened last night. He remembered he was drunk and he came inside the house when he met Nora. What happened after? He couldn’t remember as he swooshed out a long breath and began to bath.
Just as he began bathing, he noticed he had stains of blood on his lower abdomen and his shorts were stained too.
“What’s this?” He wondered with a squinted face. He just hissed. “Being alive is the main thing.” He had thought as he paid little attention to what just happened. That was their first time of sex, he couldn’t really place his hands on what happened to him. “I think more happened after I saw Nora.” He wondered as he rushed inside the bedroom and flipped the wardrobe open. He picked up a crimson blue shirt and black silk tie which he would use on his black fitted trouser.
Soon, he dressed up without looking at the surroundings. He didn’t even check the bed before he darted out of the room. I offended her yesterday, how will I show my face? He wondered as he rushed to his car and drove out. Then, Nora was done with the cooking and had served the food. She stepped into the living room and found out that Daniel had gone.
“He’s still annoyed with me?” She wondered as she let out air from her mouth. “God, please intervene.” She muttered as she got her wedge shoes too. She had to rush to her place of work.
Daniel sank into his swivel chair as he got to his office. Everything was still not clear to him, it seemed he had to really remember everything that happened last night! He thought as he bit his finger. Did Nora sleep in that room? He wondered as he swiveled his chair to the left, deep in thought. He was finding it hard to remember he was the one who actually carried her, he couldn’t even remember he spoke to her not to talk of sleeping together.
“Who knows if she has forgiven me before? Why did that lady pick up her call just to get thing worse? No! That Stephanie is meant to be hanged! He hit his hand against the table as he swiveled his chair again, breathing heavily. To him, his brain was really void that he was still concerned Nora must really be indignant at him. Stephanie picked her call again, why wouldn’t she be angry? He just had the feelings that Nora slept in his room overnight and possibly something happened between them.
“I was really out of this world last night.” He muttered under his breath as he closed his eyes for a moment, nothing was still forthcoming! What if she has forgiven me? He exclaimed and his phone buzzed. He stared at the caller for at a stretch. It was an unknown mobile number.
“Who’s this?” He dimmed his eyes as he took a close look at the mobile number again. It wasn’t in any way familiar. He decided to pick it up.
“Hello.” He said as he waited for reply.
“Hello.” He heard a soft voice on the other end.
“Good morning, you’re speaking with Daniel.” He stated quickly.
“I know who I’m calling too, Dan. This is Stephanie.” She said.
“What! You this devil, I’m just thinking about you and how to start cursing you for destroying my family already!” He shouted.
“Keep calm, Daniel. That was just a fair play! Your wife shouldn’t take that up as if she’s God.”
“Are you out of your mind? What am I even saying? You are out of your life already! See, Nora, be careful!”
“Ooh… who’s Nora?” Stephanie asked. He just made a mistake of calling his wife’s name instead of Stephanie’s. He shrugged.
“That’s none of your business, I wanted to mention your name! And wait, how did you manage to get my mobile number, the devil?” He asked. Stephanie laughed for a while.
“I get what I want, I never beg for it!” She said to him. Daniel heaved a sigh as he just ended the call and close his eyes for a moment. He hated Martins for taking him to meet a devil. Only God knew how she got his mobile phone number, he had thought. Did Martins give her? He had wondered. He didn’t even want to think of it again, it was really annoying.
to be continued