In today’s episode,
Martin tells Father Juan that he feels so
insecured in their marriage and is also finding it difficult trusting her because he imagines her with different men and this makes him feel like a scorpion it’s eating him inside.
Veronica enters without their notice with the coffee and upon hearing the conversation, she becomes shocked at Martin and the coffee unconsciously slips from her hands. She then questions Martin that, it means everything he told her was just a lie and Martin becomes speechless.
Veronica becomes so much furious that Martin fails to trust her to the extent of even comparing her to a scorpion eating him inside and there is nothing anyone could say that will cool her temper down but father tries to calm her down and asks them to settle their misunderstanding to maintain peace.
Emiliano calls his parents to inform them not to get worried because he is doing fine, as well as everyone but his father gets furious since what he did was outrageous because instead of going to Cancun he went rather to Mina Escondida but he pleaded with them and every argument subsided.  They ask him to come back soon but he refuses stating that he has seen a young lady (Nanciyaga) from a community and he would like to learn more from them as an anthropologist.
Due to Crescencio’s health condition, Botel takes him to the hospital and the doctor after diagnosing him, detects there is a blockage in his artery and needs to be removed but Crescencio refuses because he feels afraid to die during the process but the doctor insists that he goes through the operation if not he is going to die without the operation and he becomes very nervous.  
Manuel takes the opportunity of his grandfather’s absence to search through his documents to look for the will to check the amount of property that will be left behind for him in case he dies and he discovers that almost all of his grandfather’s property together with the gold mine has been given to him and he even wishes that Crescencio dies so he can own everything for himself.
Veronica goes to speak with Magdalene about Martin’s attitude and whiles she tries consoling her, martin arrives to still ask for forgiveness from her but Veronica thinks this is unforgivable but since Martin will also be joining Botel and Crescencio in the city to finish the with some processes concerning the mine, he tells Veronica that he wants to settle things with her before leaving but there is nothing that will push Veronica to forgive him. So martin pleads with Magdalene to take good care of her whiles he goes to the city and by the time he returns from the city she would be much calm so they can talk. 
Veronica begins adult education and truly all the grownups in the community join and within few seconds they become fond of Veronica and considering the encouragement she gives them, they all agree to learn to read and write since Veronica has made them understand that age isn’t a limit to education. After the class, father Juan comes to speak with her to understand Martin since he’s going through a lot and he knows with her love, she can change him for good.
Emiliano meets with Nanciyaga and he pleads with her again to take him to see her people to know how to make the necklace around her neck and he goes on to explain the significance of the necklace to her and she becomes very astonished. Emiliano then opened up to her that he studied it in school and that is why he wishes that she takes him to see her community. Whiles they chat, Pablo and Polo arrive and Nanciyaga seeing how Emiliano begins playing and talking to Polo and Pablo, she concludes that he is indeed a good man and not as she thought.
Julio as usual continues to help Pablo and Ana to see each other without the notice of Manuel.
Martin decides to come back to say goodbye to Veronica and to still ask for her forgiveness before leaving to the city but she tells him that there was no need for him to come back because as soon as they return, she will also go to the city to file for divorce because she can’t allow him to trample on her dignity and doubting her and also not trying to spill out any secret hidden in his heart and making her to pay for something she knows nothing about and this decision is final but Martin says he is crazy about her and doesn’t want to lose her. He therefore angrily tells Veronica that he is going to tell her if that is what is going to make her calm down. Martin gathers the boldness to disclose but due to the high temper of Veronica, she refuses to let him speak and she tells him that she doesn’t care to know anything again.
Veronica picks up her V-necklace and she begins saying that she’s missed her uncle Jorge and his advice to her before getting married that she is to study him very well before falling in love and not to rush into it and here she is suffering because she doesn’t know the man she married anymore.
Martin seeing that Veronica fails to calm down for them to settle their differences, he takes their fencing swords and asks Veronica to make them settle scores since that is what they’re familiar with. Veronica refuses to fight because there is no need of defending but in anger Veronica starts the fight and asks Martin to defend himself.
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