POOLEY GIRL (18+) episode 9


By Evans Aboagye Tawiah
I logged out of facebook and went to prepare myself for the job. I wore one very short mini skirt and a very low cut top that revealed my cleavage. Then I
slipped my feet into my 8-inches high-heel shoe. By 6pm I was ready.
I took a cab to Valentino hotel and arrived
around 6.45pm; 15minutes earlier to my
stipulated time. The last thing I wanted to hear was that I came late and someone else snatched the deal from me. So I had to get there early to avoid stories that touch.
The receptionist was a young lady in her early 20s, very beautiful and smart-looking. I had changed my business name from Cindy to Rosy after that Alhaji experience.
As soon as I got to the receptionist’s desk she looked up and asked: “Rosy right?”
“Yea Rosy,” I replied.
“I’m Rita, the Chief receptionist,” she said stretching out her right hand. I wrapped my fingers round her outstretched hand and our palms met in a warm handshake.
“You’re here for Ray, right?”
“Yes Ray, the guy that just arrived from
the States,” she explained.
“Yea I’m here for Ray.”
“Join him in room 302,” the receptionist said pointing towards the corridor.
I followed her direction and soon got to room 302. Then I tapped gently on the door.
“Come in,” a polished masculine voice
responded from inside.
I swung the door open and went in. A young man barely 30years old sat on a sofa at the right hand corner of the room. He was dark in complexion with a flat nose but nonetheless well groomed. He had this aura of America all over him and I almost fell in love just by looking at him.
“Ray right?” I asked still standing at the door.
“Yea I’m Ray, what about you?”
“I’m Rosy,” I replied.
“Oh the sweet Rosy I’ve been dying all day to meet!” He exclaimed with excitement. He stood up and came closer to me and gave me a warm hug.
“You’re highly welcome dear,” he said.
“Hope you didn’t have much trouble locating my room?”
“Not at all,” I replied feeling very relaxed. Ray was the typical example of the kind of man I wanted in my life. The way he spoke and carried himself endeared him to me and our conversation flowed.
It was true that one of the rules of this our business was to strictly avoid falling in love with a client but I couldn’t help it.
This particular client was one in a million;
visually enchanting and vocally appealing.
He opened his fridge and brought out chivita juice and offered it to me with a clean glass tumbler.
I poured out the Chivita into the glass tumbler and took a sip. The juice was
well chilled and very sweet. I gulped down two glasses in quick succession and quickly refilled my glass for the 3rd gulp.
The 3rd glass was halfway gone when I
started noticing some funny drowsy feeling all over my body. Ray kept silent glancing at me at intervals which I failed to notice initially. It was then that it dawned on me that the juice was drugged but by that time, it was too late for me to do anything.
“Please can I use your toilet?” I asked politely getting up from my seat.
“Sure you can,” Ray replied pointing at a door located at the other end of the room.
I stood up to go to the toilet but fell back to my seat nearly hitting my head on the wall behind.
“Don’t stress yourself dear let me help you,” Ray offered and gently carried me onto the bed instead of the toilet. He took of my clothes one after another and I
was so weak and drowsy to resist.
“What have you done to me?” I asked
breathlessly staring into his eyes. Ray smiled.
“Relax,” he said pulling off my panties with one clean sweep. “I won’t take long.”
In my intoxicated condition, Ray parted my legs and drove vigorously into my warm region.
I was too weak to resist as two drops of
tears fell out of my eyes. Fiki faka fiki faka, he plunged in and out of my pussy with reckless abandon. I felt deep pain in my lower abdomen as the head of his thick phallus continuously struck the entrance of my womb. For more than 30minutes he continued like this without break. Then gradually the room grew darker and darker before my eyes and before I knew what was happening, I had drifted unto unconsciousness.
I regained consciousness the next morning
unable to recall where I was. My blood pressure was low and my heart beat was very slow. Then I noticed that I was lying naked in what seemed to be a hotel room.
I felt pain all over my body most especially around my wet region. The pain was peppery in nature like I had
peppery substance smeared all over.
The air conditioner blew cool air in the
room and maintained the coolness of the
room. I couldn’t recall how I got to the hotel or with whom I slept on the bed.
All I did was gaze at the ceiling and wonder what was happening.
Around 12.00pm in the afternoon, the hotel management came knocking on the door. I feebly covered myself with a blanket before responding.
“Come in,” I said.
The door swung open and a set of familiar
faces walked into the room. A young familiar female voice threw the first
“Where did Ray tell you he was going?” She asked staring at me.
“Ray?” I asked back to the utmost surprise of the lady who asked the question. “Please who is Ray?”
I noticed a visible frown creep unto the faces of the waiters who had accompanied the lady to the room.
“Is this supposed to be a joke or what?” One of them bawled visibly irritated. “The man you were invited to service, where is he?”
“Man? Service? Which man? Which service?” I asked looking genuinely confused.
The lady and her team at once knew
something was amiss. One by one they left the room and banged the door behind. With time, the side effects of the drug wore off and a vivid picture of how everything happened flashed across my mind starting from how I logged unto facebook, how I accepted the Valentino deal, how I met my client, Ray – oh yes! Ray was his name. Yes, Ray! The side effect of the drug had totally worn off
and I remembered everything. There was no sign of Ray anywhere in the room neither was there any cheque lying around the bed.
It was then that the reality of what happened struck me. Ray had simply drugged me, raped me and zoomed off without paying a single dime. With aggression, I jumped down from the bed
and quickly wore my clothes. I seemed to
have gotten extra energy from somewhere I couldn’t explain.
I rushed straight to the receptionist’s desk and inquired about Ray’s where about.The lady-receptionist stared back at me with shock and surprise. It took her some seconds to find her voice.
“Wasn’t that what we came to your room to ask you and you pretended you weren’t
understanding what we were saying?” she
replied sullenly.
“So what about my payment?” I asked.
“Sorry dear, there’s no payment,” the
receptionist replied.
The receptionist’s reply hit me like a
boomerang. All the noise about 500k turned out to be a dream in no man’s land.
Ray drugged me, raped me and absconded without paying a single dime for my services…
watchout for episode 10


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