Phobia Of Love ~Episode 8


**Mogbe!!!Egbami what is this girl up to… Feelings Bawo..As he {Justice} opened it again,he continue reading…. “I’m having the feeling of thanking you to the extent you went through just because you did not want me to spend an extra one year on campus,indeed i’m grateful,but i want to ask you a question…..till you will be back..Bye.
At first,Justice heart was cooled,but he was a bit worried, What question does she want to ask me,i hope she is having what i’m also having in mind,He thought and smiled,
But one thing came as a surprise to Justice– Throughout the three month of his stay at home, he and Elizabeth have been chatting on phone to the extent that within a day Elizabeth can call him up to five times asking him numerous things, sometimes she would just call him and say nothing,sometimes saying “Justice teach me this,Teach me that” not until one day that he said “Lizzy i can’t teach you on phone,when we get back to school”
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Finally,the school has resumed! back to the first semester of 200 level and by now Justice had been leading his department by a GP of 5.0 and his contenders were following him by GP of 4.7.
In their hostel,Denilson,Ramena and Justice were found laying helplessly on their bed,floor and reading table respectively after cleaning and putting things in place since it been long they did use the place.
“Guys,omo this 200 level no go easy”Denilson said in an unbelieving manner as he roll from one side of the bed to the other
“Why are you talking like this”Ramena replied as he was lying on the floor like a helpless ram ready to be slaughtered for *Ileya festival.
“Dont you know that this 200 level no be like the 100 level wey u go still see the things wey you dey do for secondary school and moreover the course outline is totally different “Denilson replied
“Guys! guys!! Don’t you know that if you believe in *GOD* and you study hard definitely you will pass exceedingly”Justice replied in an elderly way
“Abeg jare who no know say you be *EFIKO*,wetin you no go read”Ramena said frowning as he cuts in….
No no it’s not like that,don’t you know that…….<just before he could finish talking,his phone rang>
“Guys,excuse me,one minute please”he said as he walked out to receive his call leaving Ramena and Den with their discussion about entertainment lifestyle. On checking his phone,he found out that it was Elizabeth {his dream girl} calling…(he picks up) {Phone Conversation}
Justice:-Hello pretty
Elizabeth:-Don’t greet me jhur {she said that in her childish manner}
Justice:-Ahah what have i done? (He asked pretending not to know what she is about saying
Elizabeth:-you promised to come and check on me in the hostel as soon as you arrive back on campus but you did not….
Justice:- Oh Oh (Pretending as if he has forgotten)
Elizabeth:-Don’t tell me you’ve forgotten ooo
Justice:-i’m sorry,i will come don’t worry
Elizabeth:- *i will come,dont worry* that your anthem always,anyway,it either you come today or never {she said pretending to be angry}
Justice:-today!!(he said as his eyes opened widely)
Justice:-ok dear,i will try after my class for today
Elizabeth:-you must come oo!!!
Justice:- yes ma
Elizabeth:-**she blushed** ok,buh when will you come
Justice:-that’s none of your *bizz*
Elizabeth:-***Laughs** you’ve started again,one cannot call you without laughing at all
Justice:-They call it comedy….
Elizabeth:-i call it nature ***They both laugh together******
Elizabeth:-infact you should be a comedian
Justice:- if you say so.. I *concur* with you in a *konkobility* way
Elizabeth:-**laughs again**ok sha,will be expecting you,
Justice:-Bye for now (hangs up)
When He finished receiving his call,he went back to the room only for him to meet Ramena on floor manipulating his phone
“Ehm my ram,where is your Den”Justice said jokingly
“How many times have i told that my name is not ram, my name is Ramena”Ramena said frowning, Justice laughed **”
see you ram…ramena what’s the difference…abeg where is Den
“He went just now”Ramena said as he was adjusting his position on the bed
“Ok no p,let go to class abi you no go go out today”justice said.
“See i’m not feeling like going today jare”Ramena said lazily
“Chai see f–k boys,you and too lazy”Justice said as he rushes out in order not to be late for lecture
“Na you too be f–k dude”Ramena replied jokingly *Bobo yii sha,he cannot afford to miss a day class shey afishe ni*” Ramena thought as he watches Justice who is hurriedly heading for class
Over a month now Elizabeth and Justice have become best of friends,.sometimes on whatsapp she would send a voice notes to him saying “Miss you bestie” ***seems this baby loves me,and i love her too but how do i tell her when Denilson and Ramena were also there**these were the thought going through justice’s mind not until this time when Justice was going to class and he decided to log in on his whatsapp only for him to see that his picture is being used as dp by someone and guess who it was..Honestly you guessed is Elizabeth
“Pretty,you used my picture as your dp”Justice texted her
“Yes,is that not good”Elizabeth texted
“No it’s good,i’m just surprised”Justice replied “Moreover you need not to ask cos you know it’s none of your *bizz*”Elizabeth replied as she send an emoji to Justice
“Ok no p,where you now cos i’m in class”Elizabeth texted
“Yea i’m on my way to class”Justice replied
“So what have you got for your lady?” Elizabeth asked **Lady ke** Justice thought **He send a diamond emoji to her*** “
”Oh,thank you very much”Lizzy texted
“So what have you also got for me?”Justice asked in return But to Justice greatest surprise, what she sent to him made him amazed only for him to see the emoji of kiss and love on his android screen **Mogbe,Oriyami eleko,what does this mean, ahah if i miss her would it not be like as if i lost my gem, will i tell her that she is a gem to me,jussy you need to do something.** Justice thought as he stepped into the class….
(To be Continued)