Phobia Of Love ~Episode 9


​After the day class,Justice headed for Elizabeth’s hostel , Today na today,i must let this girl know how much i love her, He thought on his way to the fearful land of the ladies hostel 
“who is that?”Cryla and Ella who were both playing ludo game answered from inside 
“It’s I,Jussy” he replied from outside On hearing this name both of them began to shake,they both rush to meet him at the entrance 
“Hi jussy how you”Cryla said
“ am fine”Justice replied frowning on seeing that Elizabeth is not at home 
“Jussy,we know we have wronged you,please forgive us”Cryla and Ella both knelt down
 “Ladies,get up please you did not offend me”he said pretending not to be angry
 “We do,we were the one who told Denilson and Ramena to lie to you that Elizabeth has gotten HIV/AIDS so that you wont be able to ask her out in order not to expose our plans”They both confessed 
“Whaaat….you mean you guys lied to me that lizzy’s sick”Justice said angrily as his eyes opened widely 
“Yea,please,forgive us,we never knew you could love our friend like this”they said soberly 
“All of you are nothing but rotten eggs”Justice said as he walk out on them angrily and leaving them on standing 
As he was going home,he began to think in many directions,…so elizabeth hasn’t got HIV..thank GOD i did not loose hope in the first place, he thought as he headed back to Parcy’s hostel 
hello he knocked ” who is that”Parcy asked 
“Abeg open the door jare,it’s Jussy”.
 ” how far now”parcy extends handshake which he rejected , What happen now?”Parcy asked 
“My friend,please help me out,i want to tell lizzy how i felt for her buh i’m…..i’m”he began stammering 
‘Calm down,i understand how you feel jussy,you just need to tell her all your mind set and perhaps she too will understand”parcy advised 
“Ehn ehn…b..u..t”he want to say a word 
“Sshshhh”parcy cut in”My guy follow your heart and tell her what you feel 
“You mean i should call her on phone?”justice asked 
“No,go and meet her,cos if you are keeping late,you might end up seeing the love if your life hooking up with Denilson or Ramena
 “God Forbid”Jussy said showing the sign as he stand up to go. Throughout the night Justice could not sleep cos he was just having many thought in his mind like, what if i tell her and i got a slap,what if she says she has got a boyfriend
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Finally he picked up his phone that same night around 2am and call Elizabeth and to his greatest surprise she picked it as if she has been expecting his call (Phone Conversation) 
Elizabeth:-hello jussy 
Justice:-Hello dear,ain’t you sleeping? 
Elizabeth:-i am,it was ya call that woke me up,hope no problem
 Justice:-well i’m sorry,i called you to tell you that i want to see you tomorrow ,please 
Elizabeth:-**laughs**is that what you can’t wait to tell me when it’s day break 
Justice:-i’m sorry i am just sorry 
Elizabeth:-it ok no prob. 
(hangs up).. 
Throughout the night and till day break,Justice was unable to sleep “i hope she accept me,i hope she happened to be mine,aahah what can i do,how do i go about it,how do i let her know my heartily love towards her Justice said….as he continue thinking The following morning,he woke up to dress in his most handsome manner in anticipation to meet his crush… So he headed to class to have the lecture before heading to Elizabeth hostel 
To be continued…