Phobia Of Love ~Episode 10 Final


​So he {Justice} headed to class to have the lecture before going to Elizabeth hostel.. 
“Hello my people”the lecturer jokingly greeted as he entered the class 
“Hiiii”the whole class responded
 “Yea today our new topic is Circulatory system and the function of the heart”He said as he was moving majestically to and fro the hall with his shining shoe producing the beat of *ko ko ko* sound like the one of *Phleez* My producer
 “Hmmmm”the class responded
 “But before then,if i may ask you all,how many times does the heart beats in a minutes”the lecturer asked in anticipation to see who will get it right.. Suddenly,Justice raised up his hand and everybody looked at him including Elizabeth May Lord help me in getting this question so i can show lizzy that his man is a GENIUS!!! He thought as he stood up to answer the question 
“Yes,you do you know it”the lecturer asked him thinking he does not know it
 “Ehmm sir Due to the experiment carried out by the ancient scientist and which i studied,it was concluded that the heart beat 72 times per minute and 33 beats pumps blood round the body”he said waiting for the lecturer’s reply 
“Whhaaooo!!! Wonderful, please give him a thunder of applause”the lecturer shouted in surprise And all the students clapped for over one minute in the hall ”
 *Bravo* you got it right,” the lecturer shouted 
” thank you sir”Justice said as he sat down after making a bow to the whole student for appreciating him 
Hmmm, Cutie Jussy the Wole Soyinka of our time,Everybody loves him, Elizabeth thinks as he watch him sit down 
“Now tell me,how did you get to know that cos i dont believe that anybody can know it”the lecturer asked him 
“I know it because i fall in love with a lady”Justice said as she winked one eye at Elizabeth “
”Hmmmmmm”the whole class shouted on hearing this 
“And who is that lucky lady that have you?”the lecturer asked jokingly He kept quiet on hearing this….not knowing what to say 
“Well i hope the lady is brilliant as you”the lecturer said as he walked back to the projector
 “Her name is ELIZABETH”Justice shouted at his highest voice, That’s her,  pointing to her direction at where she was sitting, She opened her mouth in surprise and then blushed a little 
Everybody looked at her and smiled But the lecturer laughed and continued….. 
After the lecture,Justice was looking for Elizabeth but she’s has rushed out of the class 
“Parcy,did you ever notice lizzy’s movement”Justice asked as he was breathing heavily
 “Yea,that’s her” parcy replied pointing to her as she was about boarding the bike going to her hostel. 
“Lizzy!!Lizzy!!Lizzy!!”he shouted as he tried to catch up with her but the bike man has taken-off. 
Later in the day,he got to his room and called Elizabeth but she’s not picking up, why has she been doing this to me,hope i have not pushed her to the wall by shouting out her name in the hall, Justice began thinking as Denilson and Ramena walked in.. 
“Hello loverboy,is that how to woo a lady”Denilson asked mockingly while Ramena joined him also
 “Please Den and Ram stop this don’t let me be angry with you guys after all the lies you planned with those stupid and good for nothing harlot that call themselves Cryla and Ella”He angrily said 
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“Oooh Mabinu we are sorry,we never knew you could know”Denilson and Ramena apologize 
“I dont have your time now”he said as he dashes out of the room heading to Elizabeth hostel
Hello here “
”Who is that”Elizabeth answered from inside 
“It’s me Jussy”Justice answered. 
**Elizabeth opened the door in a half-way ,  Jeezz see a damsel,she is becoming beautiful everyday, Justice thought as he was carried away seeing Elizabeth in her short homie dress
 “How are you”He asked 
“I’m fine”Elizabeth answered frowning 
“Lizzy why you frowning at me,won’t you usher me in “Jussy asked as he faces her 
“Why will i jussy?why will i?!!after exposing your fake love at me in the hall in front of everybody She yelled at Justice 
“Me!!! Fake love ke!!!”Justice asked in Surprise 
“See lizzy,let me tell you,from the first day i met you at the matriculation ceremony,i have fallen in love with you,i have gotten the feeling towards you,i love you,i care for you,”he continue talking “but the greatest problem i have is *PHOBIA OF LOVE* ,but when i get the chance to say it in the class i had to say it cos i am not ashamed to tell the world how much you meant to me. 
“Really?”Elizabeth became sorry on hearing that 
“Yes,but if you insist on not letting me in,No prob”Jussy said as he was making attempt to go But suddenly he heard… 
“Jussy!!Jussy”Elizabeth called. Before he could turned back Elizabeth jumped at him and gave him a tight hug and they both wept together 
“I love you too Justice”she said as she kissed Justice deeply. Suddenly they heard clapping from the end and guess who it was,.it was 
Ramena,Denilson,Cryla and Ella who were clapping like as if they joined them together. *What GOD has joined together,Let No man put assunder* they all shouted. “I Love you too”Justice replied. 
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