Broken Seal ~Episode 13


voice: hmmmm-hummm *clears throat* 
Me: (oh! Who is that anti-wow moment? Mtcheeeew) Ella and i disengaged immediatly. We both turned to face the direction where the voice came from. it was ma’am Kate (Ella’s mum) she was smiling broadly. 
Me: (why did you interrupt?) uhm……goodday ma’am 
Ella: mother? 
Kate: how are you son? You came around and didn’t care to check on me? 
Me: (is that why you had to interrupt?) i was about doing that, its not up to 10mins i came you know. 
Kate: i see, won’t you come in? 
Me: no ma’am its nice out here, we just wanna get some fresh air. 
Kate: hmmmmm. She replied then picked god knows what from the ground before going back inside. 
Ella and i started laughing when ma’am kate was obviously out of sight. We continued talking, about nothing serious though. We didn’t kiss again, i guess someother day would be a perfect time for that. Its now few minutes past 10pm, i told ma’am kate i’d be on my way, she bade me farewell. Ella and i walked some metres out of the compound, i then gave her a soft peck on the forehead before she left. Well Ella left, i was hearing strange footsteps behind me but when i turn back i would see nobody, now is this spiritual or something? My instincts told me i was being followed but by who and why? Dunno!!! I strode to my car, hopped in and sped off. Yeah i drove real fast, basically for two reasons, first i was kinda scared, second Isai is waiting for me at home! 
Shìt! Adrian spat out, he never knew his target was with a car, what do i do now? Boss would surely get mad! Rodelio had earlier told him to follow Isaiah and find out where he lives, what he does, his family and so on. Adrian’s phone rang, he didn’t want to pick at first ‘coz the caller was Rodelio, but he kicked against that idea. *on the phone* 
Rodelio: what information did you get? 
Adrian: sorry boss, i lost him. 
Rodelio: what!!?? 
Adrian: …….. 
Rodelio: meet me tomorrow by 4pm! 
Adrian: yes boss. ::::::: 
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****CEBU ******
*on the phone* 
Angelo: hi dear, how are the states and your studies? 
Nikky: everything is fine dad… guess what! 
Angelo: you are out of cash? 
Nikky: wrong! I’d be coming to the philippines real soon. 
Angelo: thats great news! You are done with your final examinations? 
Nikky: yes dad and am out of cash too lol
Angelo:I knew it,  very well, I will see to that yeah?  i gotta go now. 
Nikky: bye dad.
 Carolyne, Nikky’s mum strode from the kitchen, still in her cooking apron, she was wiping her hands with a napkin. She loves cooking, though they have a chef in the house. Cooking is her hobby, she does it whenever shes free. Carolyne, (as a typical filipina) is 5’7 tall, she has long dark hair, pink lips and very pretty oval face. Unlike her husband, she is slim and less hairy. She sat on a sofa, next to her husband. 
Carolyne: who was that? 
Angelo: our daughter! 
Carolyne: (smiling) really? Whats up with her? 
Angelo: she’d be in philippine in a matter of days. 
Carolyne: finally! Oh how i miss her so much.
 Angelo: me too and she’s out of cash again 
Carolyne : awww, please do something fast 
Maid: (interrupting) sir, ma’am dinner is served. 
Angelo: thanks, you can go now. 
Tomas: Nenita? Nenita? Nenita!!! Where are you? Tomas called out. Nenita is a little girl in the orphanage. They (Tomas & Nenita) are fond of each other, Nenita was dumped in the orphanage about 4years ago. Though still a kid, shes wonderful, wise and caring. She always take care of Tomas in her own little way, she calls him her daddy. Since this morning, Tomas haven’t heard from her, whats wrong? Its unlike her to fail being with him. He’s missing her already! He was still engrossed in his reverie when he heard the door open. 
Tomas: Nenita? 
Voice: its me, ma’am Naomi! 
Tomas: great! Have you seen Nenita around?
 Naomi: no! I was thinking she’s here with you, reason i came checking. 
Tomas: i’m scared, hope nothing bad happened?
 Naomi: hope so, what do we do now?