Phobia Of Love ~Episode 7


***Justice heart pumped faster on hearing the name***
Justice:-which elizabeth??{He said as his voice began to shake}
The Caller:-So you can’t recollect my voice abi?
Justice:-Not at all {he said pretending as if he did not know who it was}
The Caller:-You don’t know Elizabeth,the lady you met on the day of our matriculation ceremony..
Justice:-**Now pretending to have re-collect**Oh you mean that lady that shunned me off refusing to dance with me when i asked her… He said that jokingly and they both laughed
Elizabeth:-you’re a naughty boy so you don’t forget things easily
Justice:-how could i?? **they laughed**
Elizabeth:-i know you’ll be wondering about how i got your mobile number abi??
Justice:-is it not that naughty boy Parcy that gave it to you
Elizabeth:-**Laughs**how do you know
Justice:-like you always say *It is a Story for the gods They both laugh again*
Elizabeth:-You know,on that day,i was feeling unhappy that’s why i acted that way
Justice:-Well no problem,i understand,people are meant to have problem and we are meant to overcome it..
Elizabeth:-you right,why i called you is that i wanna ask you out,you know hanging around the campus together,how about that?? On hearing this, his heart sank into his shoes, immediately he faces Denilson and Ramena who were busy packing the rest of their luggage*
Justice:- **Chai See this babe no go kill me,hang around ke, by this time, i’m sorry dear,i wont be able to come!!
Elizabeth:-{Surprised} why now,for the first time
Justice:-it’s not like that,you know we’re vacating from hostel today after the papers for holiday
Elizabeth:-i know now,ok no prob,since you turned down my offer
Justice:-turn down ke?? I dare not do that to a gem.. Miotobe They both laughed again***
Elizabeth:-for the first time,i never knew you are funny like this…..
Justice:-Well that’s none of your *bizz* she laughs again*
Elizabeth:-i know you’re mimicking me right
Justice:- if you say so,when we resumed i will come to your hostel
Elizabeth:-i will be waiting,you know i’ve not seen you and you are this funny
Justice:-They call it comedy i call it *nature*
Elizabeth:-Hmmmmm.Bye for now {Hangs Up}
What is she up to by *hanging around* well i pray she is having what i’m also having in mind, He thought
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After about 10mins of their conversation, he hurriedly packed his luggage knowing that Denilson and Ramena were already waiting for him**
“Jussy who is that lucky babe that called you cos the voice is a feminine one”Ramena asked eagerly
“Don’t worry,she is a friend of mine”Justice replied as he continue packing his loads.
“Jussy!Jussy!!,tell us is it lizzy?”Den cuts in jokingly “Na you sabi,after all you’ve said she’s got HIV/AIDS then why are you asking if it’s her again”Jussy said frowning
“Well,it ok guy,don’t let us delay ourselves with this lizzy of a thing”Ramena intruded
“Point of Correction,she’s not lizzy of a thing she is Elizabeth”Justice cuts in..
“Whatever,lizzy…elizabeth…what’s the difference,abeg make we go to the park before we run out of time”Ramena jokingly said
The three of them left the campus around 1pm in the afternoon,Denilson’s father sent his driver to pick him from the motor park and as well as Ramena’s father, Chai,that’s the life of a boy that emerges from a poor background,one just need to survive lonely,that why they call it *The Survival of Fittest, Justice thought as he boarded a cab going down to his town, He was almost getting home when Denilson and Ramena sent a message to him telling him about their safe arrival
“Guy i don get to my papa house”Ramena texted
“Home things on point”Denilson texted also Justice got home around 7:45pm in the evening,he met his mum who was plucking scent leaf {popularly called *Efinrin* by some yoruba state} Everyone is happy to see him back home as if he’s a Professor that travel abroad for 6 years and is now coming home for the first time “Oko mi {My husband},how are you”his mother greeted him after reciting his family’s lineage {Known as *Oriki*}
“I’m fine Ma”He replied after prostrating
“How are your friends”
“They are fine Ma”He said as he was helping his mama in plucking the leaf
At night around 9pm After eating the *Pounded yam and Efo riro* {Vegetable} being prepared by his mother,he decided to go to bed,after all i have nothing to do again”He said
As he was about sleeping,his phone beeped twice indicating he has a message and behold they are from the same number that called him in the afternoon “Elizabeth” But what he saw in the message made his heart pumped faster…
“Hello Jussy,i know you have a safe journey and i know you will be surprise that i texted you coz here i’m having the feeling……. He quickly close i **Mogbe!!! Egbami what is this girl up to…..Feelings Bawo…
{To Be Continued}