Phobia Of Love ~Episode 6


Who could it be, she thought, or is it the tall guy i met on the day of our matriculation ceremony, she kept wondering but from her face, even a *lad* can tell that she is extremely happy because she was the third person leading in his department after Justice-5.0 followed by Ramena-4.8 .  even if she herself sat for the exam she cannot have up to that GP as 4.7 **Although she is brilliant but not up to that level
When she got to the hostel, she express her happiness to Cryla who was washing the plates they used to eat and Ella who was busy posting her sexy pictures on instagram,
“Girls,you wont believe,i had 4.7 as my Grade Point(GP)”she said happily
“Really that means you’re lucky damsel”Cryal cuts in..
“It should be so,cos the guy that did for you loves you”Ellas said jokingly as she took another selfie
“Buh wait ooo,who is this guy that went to such an extent because of me without thinking that they might send him out of the school or perhaps *rusticate* him either
”Elizabeth asked wonderingly , At this time,Cryla and Ella knew if they say the truth that it was Justice’s doing,they may end up being exposed because they remembered the day he (justice) caught them *red-handed* so Ella lied**
“The guy is denilson,that son of a rich man,you should know him on this campus”Cryla said as she was walking inside with the plates while Elizabeth and Ella followed her inside
“You mean that rude guy that came up to me at the entrance of the lecture room on a day like this that called himself Lion’s Den or what”Elizabeth said as she frown her face in disgust manner
“Shut up girl,he is Denilson not Lion’s Den”Cryla corrected her sharply
“He loves you and cares for you babe”Ella said in addition
“Love me my foot!!!! why are the two of you talking like this,seems he has bribed you abi??”Elizabeth said in a rejectable manner while their discussion was going on, Ella’s phone rang and she went out to receive the call after taking permission from them**
“No not at all he did not bribe us,we just felt that if such guy like Den could risk such a great task for you then that means he loves you niyen”Cryla said
“Cryla,seems you intoxicated with his money abi,if you wish to date him then GO ON,it a free world”Elizabeth said as she bend down to the other side of the bed to sleep. when,Ella finish receiving her call,all Elizabeth and Cryla could hear her saying was that
“ok you are free to come she is at home”******
“Ehn ehn,back to the matter,you see lizzy this guy is cute and ready to spend on you *lavishly* “Ella said as she bounces on the reading table..
“Girls abeg lemme rest,i’m on medications so please leave me to take a nap”Elizabeth said as she wore a frown face against them
“But,lizzy what we’re trying to say is that…. {before Ella could finish talking,they heard a knock at the door}
“Who is that”she questioned pretending not to know who is at the door knocking Voice from outside:-it’s me,the son of the business tycoon,Denilson Crylla and Ella:-Come in boy, On hearing this elizabeth sprang up from her sleeping position and looked straight into Ella’s face angrily
“So this is the person that called you earlier and you said i’m at home so he should come abi?”Elizabeth said angrily as she saw Denilson coming in
“Calm down Lizzy,he mean no harm”Cryla said
“Yes,honestly i mean no harm”Denilson said in a pastor-like manner “Even if you are coming with ammunition you cannot harm me, What are you doing here in the first place?”she questioned
“So you won’t offer me a seat”Den said as he tried to act like a gentle boy
“Ok sit down if you like”Elizabeth said as she faces the window phase
“Well,well i came to ask about your health status since you came back from the hospital”Denilson said as he sat on the only plastic chair the girls got in the room
“Thanks alot,so you can go now”Elizabeth said in snappy way
“Not at all,you did not even thank me about your result”He said as he signaled to Cryla and Ella to leave the room for the two of them
“Guys,we will be back in a jiffy”enjoy yourselves, Omo this babes understand body languages oo,thank God,if i f**k lizzy today i go f**k them tomorrow Denilson thought
“About my result”Elizabeth asked
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“Oh yea,i did it for you because i love you well”Denilson lied.
“Oh,you love me but i dont love you, because i can’t date a rude and arrogant *dude*”Elizabeth said insultingly
“And perhaps you were not the one that returned back my ID card, because Parcy gave it back to me
“Buh i want to lavish you with money”Denilson boasted
“To Hell with you and you money”Eliazbeth shouted. You want to have s*x with me like you did to my friends abi?”Elizabeth said as her voice became louder
“What do you mean”Denilsin asked as he was so shocked, Has justice revealed everything to herhe thought
“Well that questions is a *story for the gods* so please the door is open”Elizabeth yelled
“You mean i should walk out”Denilson said shamefully
“Den get out” Elizabeth said as she banged the door at Denilson.. while going back to the hostel, He kept thinking, how does Elizabeth knew what happened among Me, Ramena, Cryla and Ella,did Justice tell her,or Parcy,buh Parcy did not see us on that day, He continue thinking until he went to the hostel, On getting there,Ramena and Justice went out to Read **********¶∆¶∆¶∆¶∆¶∆¶¶∆ ******** **
it is high time the student vacate from the school for their Second Semester holiday,Justice,Ramena and Denilson were packing their luggages when Justice phone rang, Behold it was a strange number**
The Caller:-Hello, is that Justice?
Justice:-Yes, please who am i speaking with
The Caller:-it is Elizabeth
Justice heart pumped faster on hearing the name***
{To Be Continued.}