Pearls Of Different Colours Season 2 Episode 6

Our friendship grew more and more each day.Jeff and I became very fond of each other. We had virtually become more than best friends. Jeff shared everything on his mind,in his life with me and I in turn did same.We were always there for each other.Our parents got used to our relationship. I could go visit him at his house and he could come to mine any day.
The university had resumed and Nicole and I had gotten used to everything and life on campus. And the best thing was Nicole and I were roommates. We were so happy we had to share the place with two others.I was so glad we we’d be closer to each other and we were course mates too.It was going to be real fun.
Indeed , life in the university was interesting as Jeff had told us earlier, there were those who skipped lectures for parties happening on campus,those who dressed anyhow,those who drove in big big cars and wore expensive perfumes ;it was nothing like the high school days where our uniforms were as long as roman sisters,where hair cuts mattered,foot wears were checked or we had to keep track of time. No,the university days were far different.And everything Jeff advised us against were happening live , right before our eyes.Coming from homes like ours, our families had eyes
on us; everyone looked up to us.
Studies was getting better and better and we began enjoying our course.The lectures were amazing and we made sure to attend lectures on time so we never got into trouble with any lecturer.
We met with the other two room mates.Cheryl and Inna.We got to know them as time went on and soon,we were friends.We cooked and ate together. Usually did the cleaning together; we had absolute no problem with there. It was as though they had replaced Lisa and Kendra.
It was on my twentieth birthday that dad got me a phone. It was a Nokia phone. One considered very expensive.Jeff had told me he planned on getting me a present.
That day,he took me out. As early as six in the morning, I was awake. He had been the very first person to give me a birthday wish; I felt very special.
It was a Saturday and Nic and I didn’t have lectures.
We took our baths and dressed up in no time.We waited for Jeff early that morning.Cheryl and Inna were almost ready to leave for lectures.
(There was a knock on the door)Inna rushed to get it.The voice behind the door sounded like Jeff.

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Jeff : ” Hello good morning, please is Nicole and Olam around .?Can you kindly tell them Jeff is here to get them.”
(Inna stood at the door,not talking but kept stirring at Jeff )
Jeff: ” Hello ,Jeff called repeatedly to get Inna’s attention
Inna: “Yes,yes( she said confused ), of course, please come in while I go tell them”, Inna finally got her came back to reality.
( Jeff sat in one of the chairs waiting for Nic and I)
Inna came to the room to tell us we had a visitor. Immediately, we knew it was Jeff.We quickly picked our purses and rushed out to meet him.We walked in and there he sat.
Jeff got up as soon as he saw us, he began smiling .He was looking great himself.
Jeff : I came for you two as I promised. We are going out.Take these, he handed a small bag which contained chocolates to us.Inna and Cheryl stood still with their arms folded watching us as we all made our way down the stirs .
It was a beautiful resort not very far from campus. Jeffrey didn’t have a car , so we boarded a taxi to the place.
I confessed, I had never seen a place like that. I was so excited. We were served drinks. Jeff asked we ordered anything we wanted and we did .He took us around the place,what we had seen earlier was nothing. There was a pack,a zoo,a cinema ; the resort had almost everything in it.
Nicole and I got so into the place that we didn’t want to leave. Jeff had to persuade us before we finally agreed to leave the place.I thanked him and told it was the best birthday gift ever.I told him how grateful I was.
Dad had already told me to come home for my birthday gift so as soon as we left the resort, we drove to my house. Jeff couldn’t go home with us since he had to go back to campus.
Nicole called to tell Inna and Cheryl that we wouldn’t be coming back to campus that day because we were spending the night at home and wound be returning the following day.
Leah had began her service now .I couldn’t celebrate my birthday with her .We arrived home,and met mum,dad and little Grace.My family celebrated my day with me and at supper, dad handed a brand new phone to me. It could do anything. I was so happy that I had finally got a cell phone.Nicole was very happy for.She told me the phone dad had bought for me was the latest on the market.I called Leah and told her about what dad had given to me as my birthday present and just as expected,she was so happy for me and wished me a happy birthday. I decided to tell Jeffrey too immediately we got back to school.Dad drove us to campus the following day after we came back from church.
When we got back to campus that day,Cheryl and Inna were out but called Nic to tell us where we could find the keys.As tired as we both were, convinced Nicole to help me save some numbers she might have. I called Jeff and he was surprised to know I had called him;he came to see Nic and I.I told him what dad had done for me and he promised to thank Dad personally.
That night, I made a call to Lisa and Kendra .We talked all night till I fell asleep.

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