Pearls Of Different Colours Season 2 Episode 7

The days went by so quickly that, one could never think the first semester would come to an end and then the next and finally the third would follow.Nicole and I made good grades and we maintained them all through the semesters.Jeff always made excellent grades ; grades that only a genius would .Not only his friends could attest to that, almost everyone knew how good Jeffrey Benson was when it came to studies. He was in his third year and was really preparing to climax his university days with a final year and a first class for that matter.

He was always with his study mates;Jeff wasn’t that guy who would spend his time on things that didn’t bring benefits.He wasn’t the party type, I liked that side of him and although he was always busy with tight lecture schedules,he always made time for Nicole and I to explain anything we studied but didn’t understand.Was ever ready to give us advise anytime and always had that listening ear.

But everything suddenly began to change when I let Inna and Cheryl into my life ,into my business.
We were in second year;level 200.We had made our grades with flying colours. I couldn’t say same for Inna and Cheryl since we never got personal with them although we saw them study sometimes. They usually left campus on Friday nights and came late sometimes looking exhausted. And both of them would end up sleeping in the couch .
Nic and I had closed from lectures one Tuesday .We had barely gotten to our hostel when her mum called that she came home to attend to some important matter for her.So I had to go ahead to the hostel alone after I escorted Nicole to pick a taxi at the campus junction.
Jeff called me on my way to the hostel.He and I got talking till I opened our door and entered. I saw Inna and Cheryl busily laughing and dancing. To me ,it looked like they had received some good news.Their act didn’t disturb me except it was distracting my call with Jeff because of the noise.
I left for the room ,where there was less noise,I sat on my bed and spoke with Jeff.He and I conversed for almost an hour and after we were done talking,I called Nic to find out if she got home safely, which she said she did.I asked her to send my regards to her mum.
I began to feel hungry so got up to leave for the kitchen. That was when I came out from the room.These two were still dancing and disturbing but I didn’t pay any attention to them .As I made way to get to the kitchen, Cheryl stood in front of me.I had no option than to stop and tell her to get out of my way.
(She stood in front of the kitchen door refusing to let me enter)
Cheryl: “Rachel dear,wait wait.Let me just waste a few minutes of your time. Can you please give me your cell phone so I can call someone, my battery is down right now and am charging my phone.
Rachel: Okay, I agreed.Its in the room,let me go get it for you. I left for the room and got back in no time. Here you are,I tried handing my cell phone to her .
Cheryl and Inna :(both laughing and hitting their thighs.)I got surprised at their actions.Stirring at them,I stood with there with my arms folded,thinking to myself what exactly these girls were up to.
Cheryl: Is this what you call a phone. Cheryl interrupted my thoughts.
(raising her phone up).This is the latest in the market. It has more than everything. I can’t believe your dad, couldn’t get you any better birthday present than this thing you call a cell phone. Hahaha, this is the latest, mean the best. Its called a BlackBerry,it has.. she had barely started talking when Inna continued.

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Inna : Cheryl,wait..Rachel,if your dad couldn’t get you the latest phone ,at least Jeff could have done that right?Hahaha, not this thing you call a phone and have been making noise about and annoying us with , since level 100.Inna concluded.
Rachel: Oh really, i didn’t know this was why you had my time wasted like this.Now , if you both are done,can and will you excuse me,I want to go get food; am hungry. I added and pushed Cheryl away from the kitchen door.And you both keep your advises to yourself, I added angrily and left them standing there.
Inna and Cheryl kept teasing me with this issue and this went on so many times,usually when I was in the hostel without Nicole. This began to disturb me and I finally planned to tell Jeff about it.
Jeff had visited our hostel one afternoon. We had a little stroll around and that was when i told him.He spoke to me and told me not to bother myself over those girls. He and I chatted for quiet sometime before he took his leave. Although I told him I wasn’t bothered about their attitude, sincerely I was…..

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To be continued….