Pearls Of Different Colours Season 2 Episode 5

The weeks that followed came very fast than we had imagined. We had began our practicals and were already about to sit for our final paper. The four of us were so happy we were finally done when the invigilator asked all pens went down. That day the whole school was noisier than ever.
The girls brought bottles filled with water.Some came with powder from the science department. s
Showering each and every student they saw on campus that day.Lisa made it worse ,she kept sprinkling powder on our soaking uniforms making us look like some caricatures and we made sure not to spare her that day; we dressed her neatly just as she had done to us .We were all soaking wet when we arrived in our dormitories.
“Just few days on campus and we would become old students,Nicole happily shouted; she was more than overjoyed”.We kept shouting and shouting. We just needed to complete certain things in school and we would be back home. And frankly, the exams went so well, Nicole, Kendra and Lisa and myself could attest to that. It was almost as if we knew everything so well.
(All four of us sat on our beds talking)
Nicole : Girls, we need to thank Jeffrey for everything he did for us, I don’t think we would be this happy with how the exams went if he hadn’t really taught us so well”.
Kendra : Very true Nic,very true.I think we should plan something for him,something nice. Rachel, you tell us what he’d like most.
Rachel: Mmm, yes,i think we should find out from Miss Lydia what she thinks we should do for Jeff.
Lisa: That’s not a bad idea.Let’s do this girls, shouted Lisa.
(Yeaaaaah)all four of agreed making loud noises ,to Mrs Lydia’s office we headed towards.
We got talking with Miss Lydia ,spent long hours with her,then she finally told us what we had wanted to hear.Jeff called to speak with me like he had promised and again, he got me swollen headed when I told him I was optimistic about the outcome of our exams.
The rest of the days went by really quick and we finally left Melbourne Girls’ High school for our homes.
I arrived home from school and I was so happy. Dad and mum,Leah and the entire family was overjoyed to have me back home.
That day, there was music and dancing ;you could just see my dad dancing .It was really a sight.I was always at home with Leah. Mum and dad usually left for work whilst little Grace went to school.I used to call Nicole, Kendra and Lisa to check on them once in a while.They spent long hours talking on their phones whiles I used Leah’s phone.

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( One Tuesday ,at home,Leah and I sat in the living room chatting and watching TV)
Leah : Home sweet home, I guess you are the happiest girl right now Chel ” ,Leah teased me lifting her hands up.
Rachel : I really am,big sis,I can’t wait to see Jeff again, he said he’d come visit us. But big sis ,has he called home ? ( looking back at the line-line).
Leah: No Chel,he hasn’t called but I’m sure he will. Don’t worry,we will go out to have fun when Jeff comes around. So that , he can take you places since you don’t know anywhere. Leah added joking and making fun of me.
Rachel: Who told you I don’t know places.You think because I was like some refugee in school I’ve not been anywhere before? Leaaaaaah( stretching Leah’s name and taking the pillow in the couch to hit her).
I kept hitting Leah until she got up from the couch and run outside.I quickly followed her outside with the pillow in my armpit.
Days quickly turned into weeks and soon months.
Finally,our results came out early. All four of us did very well. Our grades were great.Leah congratulated me, she said I did much much better than she did and I was very impressed with myself. Nicole and I got the scholarship and we were so proud that we did.Mrs Marilyn, her mum again shed tears of joy. Her dream of getting her daughter to the university had finally come to pass.She thanked us for taking our studies very seriously and making them very proud.
It was during our graduation ceremony that we were finally presented with the scholarship.Jeff came to congratulate me; he and I danced although, it was one of the best days I could clearly recall. The teachers were so happy with us especially Miss Lydia and Miss Francess.They told us how sad they were that we had finally left the school but they were very glad we made it through to the university with the scholarship we had.
My parents,my family,Jeff and the school were very proud of me.Dad and mum planned on making an investment for me and throwing a huge party in my name .And who could be more happier than myself and Jeffrey; my best friend, virtually my everything.
Lisa and Kendra left for the states some few months after our results were out. Lisa told us she didn’t want to go to the university that year and preferred to go a year later.Luckily her aunt,worked abroad and wanted her to come live with her there for a year since she would be home for sometime. Kendra’s dad took her to the states to further her education; she had always wanted to be a dentist.
Nicole and I stayed at home for few months.We had submitted our admission to three universities including Jeffery’s. Jeff and i were always hoping that i gained admission to his school and amazingly, Nic and I got it. It was the biggest university;a university where students performed extra ordinarily well and we were glad we gained admission to Hayward university.
Nicole and I chose to read pharmacy as a course.Nic always told us that since her mum was a nurse,she had rather studied pharmacy in the university to complete it.And Mrs Marilyn wasn’t against it. I had always wanted to be a pharmacist ; be the owner of a multinational pharmaceutical company.
My big brother Collins was a banker , Catherine was a journalist, Loise was studying marketing and Leah did nursing .We needed a pharmacist in the family; everyone in our family agreed with me and it had always been my dream since infancy. I knew I was a step into making that dream a reality and more so,I was going to be closer to Jeffrey ….

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