Pearls Of Different Colours Season 2 Episode 4

School was getting more and more exiting. And the days went faster and faster.We had had a meeting place which was Miss Lydia’s house; the teachers quarters.
She agreed to allow us use the place to study on weekends.Jeff usually came home on Fridays after school. He would spend the weekend at his aunt’s and leave for campus after he taught us.
And usually , after we did some studying,he and I would spend some quality time together before we left for our dormitories .
I was eighteen and so was Nicole, Kendra and Lisa; maybe some months difference but that didn’t really matter as far as we were age mates.Jeffrey was three years older than I was and by this time,he was in second year .
Jeffery was a very brilliant guy.He read science in secondary school and this made it a lot easier for him to teach us. He was reading medicine in the university. He told me he wanted to be a medical doctor ; a surgeon to be precised. Jeff taught really well that , understanding was perfect. I told him he could pass for a professor.
Jeffrey kept teaching us during the weekends until we were just a week away from our final exams. And I could recollect the very last Saturday he thought us.He cracked so many jokes and told us so many stories about university life.
Jeff: ” Girls, in the university, you wouldn’t get anyone telling you what and what not to do.No ! , you would have to be your own time keeper.Waking up , attending lectures and campus life is totally your problem. But then, having people who would encourage you keeps you on the right track. So you need to listen to good advice and choose good friends ladies ” .After he gave us this advice, he looked at me and smiled.
I was so glad I had someone like Jeff who would be there for me to advise me.I was the luckiest girl on earth ,I always told myself.
All five of us talked a lot that day. I spent quality time with Jeffery.He and I wouldn’t be seeing each other for quiet some time and I was sad. Miss Lydia got us some food and snacks.We really enjoyed ourselves ; I had began missing Jeffrey. I sat on my chair all sad ; Jeff came closer to me.
Jeff: Hey Olam dear , I’ve got something for you. ( He goes in and comes back in no time)
Here you go( he hands the beautiful envelop to me ).
I opened up the envelop and read what it contained. I read it out loud stirring at him whilst he smiled..
( it read )
” Its beautiful when you’ve got someone you can think about,someone you can be there for, a person to love. Someone who would love you back the same way,someone who makes you feel special. Makes you feel there’s no need to look elsewhere for another.
And I found that someone in you Rachel Olam Andrew, my special best friend.I wish you the very best in your exams. Make us all proud dear “
Love , Jeffrey.
My eyes were teary. I jumped up from my chair and gave him a long tight hug.He held me very tight and again ,he landed huge kisses on both my cheeks.
Rachel : ” I’ll miss you Jeff ” , I said amidst tears.

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Jeffrey: ” Hey, I know that’s why you are like this ( he tickled me having me laugh ).Oleey dear, it’s just a few months and you are done.You have to do this love,and this time, on your own. Hey, but am with you okay , I’ll keep praying for you and once you are done I’ll be the very first
to give you a call ,believe me. What do you say dear”. ( he added raising his head in the air )
Rachel:” Hahaha, bring your head down,I said laughing and holding his head towards my face.Do you think I’ll be okay not hearing from you for almost two months ” ?.
Jeffrey :” I know you can,I’ll be sending messages through aunt Lydia to you , Oleey. Try to put yourself together and do very well for all of us.You know Ialso have exams ahead. You should also be praying for me” . ( he said pushing my forehead backwards)
Rachel: ” I have been praying for you too Jeff ,I have. I wish you also the very best Jeffrey Kelvin Benson; don’t let Oleey down okay.( I said pulling his nose) .He tried pulling mine , I was fast to get up before he could do so. Jeff was able to catch me so we’d say our final goodbyes. Not seeing each other for almost a month killed me deep inside and I knew he felt the same way, but there was nothing we could do about it.
All four of us waited for Jeffrey to get ready to leave for campus that day.He packed all his stuffs . Miss Lydia gave him a long tight hug and there was some little joking between Aunt and nephew.
Jeff escorted us to the Melbourne campuse.With that final hug we gave each other, we were not going to see each other for almost two months….

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To be continued….