Pearls Of Different Colours Season 2 Episode 3

Jeffrey couldn’t take his eyes off me and I couldn’t take mine off him too.
” I never knew mum and dad knew Mr Benson. I saw him and his son at the party but I had absolutely no clue. We are also here, we deserve to be introduced too ” ,Leah whispered to me.
I really had no idea too Leah, everything is like a coincidence.We spoke in whispers until dad called our attention.
Dad: This is my wife,Lucy Andrew ,My son , Collins ,my first and second girl Catherine and Lois aren’t here with us but , meet my third girl Leah, Rachel comes after her and finally my sweet baby Grace.I couldn’t make a proper introduction at the party because we had so many people around so couldn’t make time for you but I think we should organise something someday ,then we would get to meet one another properly,dad concluded.
Mr Benson: That’s a very nice idea Andrew.We should plan something someday.Lina would have been back from her trip by then and you could also meet my three other sons.Mr Benson added.
The four kept talking and talking. Mum had served them with some food and drinks too.
Leah,had left with Grace to go stroll around the school. She said it was a long time she visited the place and wanted to do this before she started her service.
I sat with my friends a few metres away from where dad and mum sat with the Bensons.
Just as the family kept talking ,mum called me over.I walked to where they sat.
Mum : Rachel dear,Jeff wants to speak with you.He just told us he would really like to be your friend and he asked permission from your dad and I. He also would like to come help you in your studies from time to time but wanted our approval and your permission in front of all of us first.
Dad: So tell us dear, would you like to be Jeffery’s friend?.Dad asked me. I became so shy standing in front of Mum, dad,Miss Lydia and Mr Benson.
Rachel: Yes dad,its okay with me.I said smiling .
Mum: Alright then, you have our approval now Jeffrey .Now ,you guys can go have your talk.
Rachel : Thanks mum, thanks dad.Thanks Miss Lydia, thanks Mr Benson, i said, speaking like little Grace.

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” Thanks so much ” .I heard Jeffrey say.
Jeffrey Benson took my hand. And as usual , those three girls i called friends kept stirring and making faces at me , Nicole especially.I made a face at them too,waving them .We began to talk as we walked away from the girls and our parents.
Jeffrey and I spoke for so long. We talked about different things.He told me everything about his family, especially his three brothers. How he got the scholarship. He asked a lot of questions about me which I didn’t hide from him.
( we sat on the grass when we got to a place around the park which had few people a round and we could be alone)
Jeff: ” You can call me Jeff, Rachel, its less formal. I want your middle name Rachel, he asked..
Rachel : You’re Rachel Olam Andrew ( Jeff joined me to mention my full name ) .I covered my mouth stirring at his face in total shock.
Jeff :Yes I know your full name Rachel, I’ll call you by your middle name Olam and I would be the only one to call you by that name ,Jeff told me.
Then he continued. Although you think you don’t know me so well, I’ve known you for quiet a long time now.Your parents and mine have been friends for a very long time now. They usually came to our house for their meetings and your mum used to come with you.You and I used to play back then and I’ve liked you since then.I moved to the states with my aunt after sometime but I came back here to continue my education.Seeing you again,brought back everything and I planned to tell you at your party but couldn’t.
I love you so much Rachel Olam Andrew; so so much.( He said taking my hand)
Rachel :I love you too Jeff,( I smiled calling him Jeff,he smiled back) .Seeing you at Miss Lydia’s office that day felt like I had known you somewhere.It felt so real and I just knew I’d meet you again.Then i saw you at the quiz competition with Miss Lydia, your aunt ( I said shaking my head and raising my eye brow teasingly) and am so glad we are both here today. ( then Jeff stood up )
Jeffrey : So would you be that best friend who I can turn to,would you be my love,my everything Rachel Andrew?
Rachel : Yes ,yes Jeffrey Benson, I will,I promise to be that friend, your everything and I hope you be same to me.I added happily ( as he helped me to stand up to join him )
” I always will Rachel, always love” ,he told me.
He got his head closer and gave me a kiss on the cheek.It felt like lightening and thunderstorms. Jeff had barely taken his head away when Leah came shouting and clearing her throat.
( then she spoke laughing)
Leah : I have come to call you two love birds.Your parents want you both back right this minute. You both are going to receive huge lashes, she added.
Jeffery: So sorry Leah, I’ve released your angel of a sister now.
We all laughed and rushed back to join the rest of the family at the other end of the pack.
” We have to go now Olam ” ,I’ll be coming on weekends to help you with studies love, Jeff told me.I gave him a big hug and joined my three musketeer friends.
We all said our goodbyes to the family when the visiting hours were over and left for our dormitories.
My friends kept teasing me and each passing day I looked forward to the weekends to come quickly, so I could see Jeffrey again..

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