Pearls Of Different Colours Season 2 Episode 2

We were finally back from the long awaited quiz. And as usual the entire school looked forward to knowing which position our school had.
Early Monday morning ,the bell was rung for every girl to come to the Melbourne hall before class began.The usual,we had Mrs Francess searching every dormitory to make sure there was no single soul in there.This time around,Kendra and Lisa couldn’t over sleep.We all were up before five in the morning to take our baths.The quiz week was some kind of a less pressure week; where most students relaxed and did less studying but the weeks ahead were meant for real business and there was no need to rest on one’s ore.
Nicole’s mum called Mrs Francess very early that Monday morning.She had wanted to speak to Nicole and I. Mrs Francess brought us the call and told us to bring it to her office when we were done speaking to Nic’s mum. Mrs Marilyn was so happy to hear the news and you could hear from the way she spoke on the phone that she had been crying because she couldn’t just imagine that Nicole and I were a step into the university.
She encouraged us to study harder and get the scholarship which would bring less burden and so much joy to our families.We were also happy and promised to make them all proud.
After the call with Mrs Marilyn, we made way to Mrs Francess office and handed her cell phone to her.That’s where we heard the bell ring that we assembled for the Melbourne hall before leaving for class. Mrs Francess asked us to wait for Miss Lydia as well as the other teachers so we can leave for the Hall together.Where the entire school would be told how the quiz went and the prizes we had been awarded as well as the benefits our position has brought to the school. We were so excited sitting in Mrs Francess office waiting for Miss Lydia and the other teachers.
In no time,Miss Lydia arrived with the teachers. Three girls came with them;they helped us carry the things we had received from the quiz and off we headed towards the assembly hall.
We got there and there were cheers and noise making.We just smiled and stood in front of the whole school.
Miss Lydia told them the prizes we had received. The cash and scholarship waiting for us once we made very good grades for the university. She ended with the commencement of the amenities that would be built for our school soon. Everyone cheered and was so excited.
Miss Kella, our proprietress congratulated us for a good job done and was proud to tell the school that this was the very first time Melbourne girls High had participated in that Annual quiz ,almost beating a boys’ school with two points and coming second. It had never happened before ,she confessed.She thanked us for doing our best for our school and told us to crown it with great efforts with our final exams.
Every student was encouraged to work hard at everything they did and emulate us.The school had informed us of their plans to begin a club that would help the students.
” We were seniors and were leaving in just a few months; we had done our quota for the school ,the rest was left for our Juniors to continue the hard work. ” Miss Lydia concluded, bringing our gathering to an end as we were told to leave for our classrooms.

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The weeks that followed were very serious weeks.Studies had become more intense.We had our last and final visits from our friends and families from home.
Many of the girls had different people visiting them.Mum,dad and the entire family came to see me and my crazy but lovely friends.They brought a whole lots of provisions for us as well as our teachers and of course, for our one and only Miss Francess.
They told us how proud they were of both of us for not letting them down. They wanted us to do the same with the exams.
We had been on the schools park that very Saturday; a beautiful park which had been covered with lots of fresh grasses which smelt so nice . Mum was dishing our foods for us and dad brought out glasses for drinks. Kendra and Lisa were at it again , telling mum she cooked like an excellent Italian chef. They made us laugh .Nic and I talked and ate from the same plate.
Mum kept smiling a Nicole and I .She told us she really liked the fact that Nicole and I had become more closer than before.And hoped we both gained admission to the same university some day.Dad also agreed with her saying ” this is the kind of friend who would be a positive influence on your life,you two should stick together always ” , dad advised us.We had ourselves nodding our heads in a funny way in agreement with my parents.
We still had been on the park enjoying our foods and drinks when we saw Miss Lydia and Mr Benson walking towards us. Immediately my parents saw them,they both got up.I looked back to see if I could spot Jeffrey anywhere behind us but got disappointed and as I was about to turn around, I saw him coming from the tennis court.And soon he joined us.I smiled and just kept looking at him.
Dad : Lenny Lenny, its been a long while. Haven’t seen you since our party.Dad shouted Mr Benson’s name.Dad and mum both give him a hug.
Mr Benson: Yes Andrew, had been a bit busy with Lina;her work had sent her to Australia for an appointment and we had to prepare for her to leave,that’s why.So sorry friend.
See Lucy and her smile, ( he chipped in, teasing my mum). I know its no excuse and I could have still kept in touch but…
(Dad cut in).
Dad: No ‘ buts ‘Lenny, its nothing. Am glad we’ve met here now.But what are you doing here friend? Dad asked.
Mr Benson: This is my younger sister Lydia,(turning to introduce Miss Lydia), she’s a teacher here and she was just telling me how good your daughter Rachel is.And that’s Jeffrey , my son ;whom you’ve already met.
Dad: Oh really,never knew Miss Lydia was your sister. The surnames couldn’t even give a clue.Rachel has been telling us a lot about her anytime she came home.Nice meeting you Miss Lydia .
Dad stretched out his hand to give Miss Lydia a handshake.
Miss Lydia: Thanks a lot Mr Andrew.You have a beautiful family.She added .
We all watched on in surprise as these two families exchanged pleasantries. Jeffrey, couldn’t take his eyes off me and I couldn’t take mine off him too…..

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To be continued…